Flawed Perfection by MA Innes- Gay Romance Book Cover
    His Little Man Part 3 by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover
    His Little Man Part 2 by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover
    Untouched - Unconditional Love Series Book 3 by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover
    Sparkles and Scowls by MA Innes- Gay Paranormal Romance Book Cover
    Brave - Love and Secrets book 2 by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover
    His Missing Pieces - Pieces Series Book 1 by MA Innes- Gay Romance Book Cover
    Casey- Leashes and Lace Book 4 by Shaw Montgomery- Gay Romance Book Cover
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Orgasm Control

Age Play - with ABDL

Spanking for Funishment

Age Play: Diaper Wearing

Age Play: Diaper Use (Wetting)

Bareback Sex

Age Play: Pacifier

Safe Sex

Nipple Play



Age Play: Bottle

Age Play : Bath Time

Anal Toys

Dirty Talk

Cock Ring

BDSM First Times



Spanking for Pleasure

Orgasm Edging

Discussions of Consent/Boundaries/Kink

Sexual First Times

Blow Job


Puppy Play

Lifestyle Dynamic

Consensual Humiliation

Physical Teasing


Verbal Teasing

Coming in Clothes

Anal Rimming


Showering Together

Role Play

Hands Free Orgasm

Fantasy Sharing

Bondage: Cuffs

Come Marking/Coming on Partner


Sex in Little Space



Cock Cage

Orgasm Denial



Age Play - without ABDL

Hand Feeding

Tentacle Pentration

Bondage: Tentacles

Sounding: Tentacles

Consensual Servitude

Electrical Play

Mention of Bondage



Double Penetration

Body Worship

Mention of Age Play



Age Play: Corner Time Punishment

Mention of Puppy Play


Partner Voyeurism

Embarrassment Kink

Sounding: Rods

Masturbating for Show

Age Play: Coming in Diaper

Public Masturbation

Age Play: Onesie Wearing

Come as Lube


Spontaneous Orgasms


Prostate Massage

Breath Play


Bathroom Control/Assistance

Age Play: Thumbsucking

Age Play: Nipple Suckling

Scent Kink

Medical Kink

Oral Fixation

Reference to Puppy Play

Dirty Dreams

Mutual Masturbation

Feminization Kink

Bondage: Body Weight

Topping from the Bottom

Sensory Play: Feathers

Suit Kink



Reference to Spanking

Reference to Forniphilia

Small Penis Kink

Photoshoot as BDSM Scene

Bondage: Scarves

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