Your Mate – On Amazon KU For A Limited Time

Your Mate was originally in the Tentacle Tales anthology that was out earlier this year. If you missed out on the story for my sexy porn star cuties, Evan and Aristotle, you’ve got a chance to grab it on sale on Amazon for a little bit longer.

Sadly, it seems that the cover is too hot for Amazon and it’s being hidden from the search results (AKA it’s in the dungeon). So I’m just going to put it on my site and possibly Smashwords once that’s possible.

Evan and Aristotle are the porn couple that all the guys watch in the first three books. This book technically takes place before book one, but it’s not a prequel. It’s just a fun story about how they found each other and their whirlwind romance.

So it’s sweet, sexy, and they’re so cute together.

I love my aliens.

If you didn’t get a chance to grab it in the original anthology, this is the best time. It’s on sale for $0.99 and will only be on Amazon for a short time. If you grab it from KU now, even after I take it down, you should still be able to read the book until you return it.

Have fun with my naughty cuties.

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Your Mate by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Meet Me In Italy – September 2023 Event

I love traveling. It’s one of my favorite hobbies, and it’s giving me a wonderful boost and something to look forward to when both my kids are in college next year. (That’s just so weird. I don’t know how time went by so fast.)

My first big trip once they’re both in college is going to be RARE Florence in September 2023. I have a few books already in Italian and I’m going to have several more books available by next fall. I’m so excited to see Italy again and to start planning my trip. (Venice, here I come.)

If you’d like to come hang out with me at RARE or just Florence in general while I’m playing tourist, that would be wonderful and I’d really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to visiting my Italian readers and making lots of new friends while I’m there.

RARE Florence 2023 Tickets
RARE Florence Facebook Group

RARE Florence 2023 Author Bade for Shaw Montgomery- MA Innes

Find me on Facebook or email me if you have questions about what books I’ll have at RARE or about my trip in general. I promise there will be lots more details to come.

RARE Florence 2023 Author Bade for Shaw Montgomery- MA Innes

My Favorite Scenes Ever? – Pre-order Save Me Santa!

There are countless memes about burning the house down if you find a spider, and while I generally agree with the sentiment, I knew it could be a fabulous start to a story. A Secret Santa story. Who better to ask to rescue you right before Christmas than Santa?

And in this case, when Brady asks Santa to send him help to save him from the gigantic spider in his Christmas tree, Santa decides to be extra helpful and send a sexy Daddy to the rescue.

If only Brady could remember it the next morning. There was an accident with pot brownies and an overly boozed up fruit cake.

I have to admit the first couple of chapters of Save Me Santa are going to go down as some of my favorites scenes.

Brady and his roommates are hilarious, and his rescuer, Jude, is a grumpy Dom with a heart of gold who thinks Brady’s roommates are morons. That’s up for debate, but they are hilarious and well-meaning, so I can’t wait to see what you think about them.

Save Me Santa is part of the Secret Santa Daddy series and is out on November 15th .

Here’s a peek at the first chapter if you’re curious.

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Save Me Santa by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Grab all three books for Secret Santa Daddy Season Two

If you want more Secret Santa’s then check out Season One from last year.

The Secret Santa’s Are Back!

I love Christmas in general, but especially writing about it. I love how over-the-top happy everyone can be and the different ways the magic of the season can play out.

The only thing odd about writing Christmas books is that we’re doing it entirely too early in the year. It really makes the year feel odd sometimes because it feels like I’ve been right on the edge of the Christmas season for months.

But it’s finally here!

For this year’s Secret Santa Daddy series, we’ve got three wonderful stories for you.
The first is A Little Surprise by A.W. Scott and it came out on November 1st.
His Boss’s Little Christmas by Della Cain comes out on November 8th.
And mine, Save Me Santa, which will be out on November 15th

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Save Me Santa by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Are You Team Christmas? Secret Santa Series Season 1 on Sale 10/21-10/23!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the newest Secret Santa Daddies series, we’ve put the original books on sale this weekend.

From 10/21 to 10/23 all three books in the main series will be on sale for $0.99 each in the US and UK.

My book from the first series is Best Present Ever? and it’s about, Sidney, a cute sub who gets a present from his office Secret Santa that makes it clear Santa knows about his little side.

This is a great way to start the season of Santa, snow, and presents…and since I’m Team Christmas instead of Team Halloween, I think it’s never too early to read about Santa bringing presents.

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Secret Santa Daddies on Sale

Owners and Dolls Now Available!

Are you ready for more sleepovers and a naughty doll?

Emerson is back and he’s finally got his own book to really explain to you how fabulous it is to be a doll and how wonderful his Owner is.

Owner is…well, Owner is a bit worried that Emerson doesn’t really understand what he’s throwing himself into.

Emerson thinks Owner worries too much and should just focus on taking care of his doll.

I think we all know who’s going to win but getting to that point is a lot of fun. These two are explosive when they throw their imagination into a scene and dolls are wonderfully high-maintenance subs that are designed to be played with and not tucked away on a shelf.

Check out the first chapter of Owners and Dolls if you haven’t already grabbed a copy.

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Owners and Dolls by MA Innes -Gay Romance Book Cover