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Mention of Parent(s) Death

Mention of Parental Neglect

Insults between MCs (e.g. whore, slut)

Mention of Parental Verbal/Emotional Abuse

Mentions of Homophobia

Mention of Foster Care

Safeword Use

Anxiety/Panic Attack on Page

Minor Miscommunication (no relationship angst)

Mentions of Anxiety

Taboo - Incest

Childhood Neglect

Mention of Stalker/Stalking

Kink Shaming (not from MCs)

Reference to Past Recreational Substance Abuse

Dubious Consent

Derogatory Names (not from MCs)

Assault on Page

Family Rejection

Critters: Spiders, Mention of crickets, Mouse

Mention of Kink Shaming

Mention of Attempted Suicide (off page, not MC)

Disagreement with Friend


Alcoholic Parent

Childhood Abuse

Attempted Non-Consensual Bareback Sex (Not between MCs)

Mention of Depression

Mention of Attempted Kidnapping

Mention of Agoraphobia

Mention of Past Trauma

Reference to Suicidal Ideation

Mention of Being Forced to Come Out

Mention of Developmental/Hormonal Medical Issues

Strict Religious Parents

Mention of Sheltered Upbringing

Mention of Cheating (Not Between MCs)


Previously Unhoused Teen

Mention of Past Attempted Physical Assults

Attempted Kidnapping On Page

Breech of Confidentiality By Mental Health Professional

Controlling Parents

Mention of Broken Family Relationships

Mention of Disabled Person Getting Harrassed

Mention of Past Sexual Assult

Mention of a Close Relative Suicide

Attempted Forced Domination (not between MCs)

Medical Heart Issues - Resolved

Mention of Sibling Death

Mention of Controlling Religious Cult

Light, Teasing Consensual Non-Consent

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