• An Atypical Love Prologue

    “You have to promise not to get offended or mad or anything like that because I’m just trying to help.” It was the innocent, I’m helpful and sweet look that made it clear she was up to something ridiculous.

    “No.” Shaking my head, I knew better than to agree to anything when Melissa started a sentence like that. Of course, I was stubborn and it’d taken me a few times to learn that particular lesson. “I’m not that naïve any longer.”

    “You’re being ridiculous.” Shaking her head, she looked like she knew she was right and I should just follow along. “This is going to change dating for you. I know it.”

    Oh, that made it sound even worse.

    Dating was…difficult.

    “No.” I was hoping if I kept repeating that answer it would sink in eventually. Unfortunately, we’d known each other so long she said I was family now and that seemed to mean boundaries weren’t a thing anymore.

    Trying to turn the conversation, I gestured toward the display case in the bakery where they were showing off all their goodies to perfection. “Have you decided what to get for dessert?”

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  • Archer and Declan Chapter 1

    Was there an altar I was supposed to pray at so I could thank some god for gray sweatpants season?

    I mean, I didn’t have enough in the size department to enjoy firsthand knowledge of the experience, but I could definitely appreciate them.

    But even as I ogled and tried not to get caught, I had to wonder…who wore gray sweatpants and no underwear to an interview? Sure, it was just to see if he could rent a bedroom in my house, but still, everyone else had clearly put some effort into their choice of clothing.

    No, nothing in the ad had given anything away about me. I’d been careful with that. I wanted to at least get to know someone a little before I talked to them about anything personal.

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  • Austin Chapter 1

    “You’ve always been my favorite friend.” Curling up against Tanner, I batted my eyelashes at a slightly confused Shane who just stood there staring at me. He was so cute. Dominant and sexy with Tanner but still easily startled and fun to tease.

    Tanner snorted. “You can’t go. No unmarried omegas.”

    “You’re no fun.” I huffed and pouted at Shane prettily, changing tactics. “I bet you can think of a way to get me in. You’re so smart and I bet the owner would love to help a strong alpha like you.”

    Laughing, Tanner shoved me away and moved between Shane and me. “No, be gone, witch.”

    I grinned. “I have to see it.”

    I was tired of having to bribe customs people to get sex toys. It was a ridiculous waste of money when there was a store on the other side of town.

    Tanner snorted. “I can’t even get in. There’s no way he’s sneaking you in.”

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  • The Accidental Master Chapter 1

    “Melissa! What the hell did you put in that Facebook ad? I’m getting all kinds of crazy-ass responses!” Storming into the house, I slammed the door behind me. She was dead meat. She had to have pulled that shit on purpose.

    What the hell had I done to her?

    I headed for her bedroom, stomping up the stairs. Knowing my sister, she was probably buried up to her neck in books and papers. Normally, I wouldn’t let myself into her house—I actually had manners unlike some people I could name—but this time, she’d gone too far. She wasn’t going to be able to hide from me.


    “What?” She was sitting on the bed surrounded by papers and notebooks, a half-eaten sandwich hanging off a plate. “What crawled up your ass and died?”

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  • Bashful Chapter 1

    “They know about the club. Wait. That might make him think that I know about the club. But there might not even be a club. Well, there might be a club, but Austin might not be involved in it.” Just saying that stopped my rambling in my tracks.

    If there was anyone in town who was involved in a BDSM club, it was Austin Johnson.

    “Okay then, new angle.” There had to be a good way to tell Austin about what I’d heard without making it sound like I was throwing around allegations.

    “I’ll—” Scream like the first omega killed in a horror movie, obviously.

    My scream as Austin’s face popped up in the side window of my car sent him into a fit of giggles. Rolling my eyes, I turned off the car and opened the door. A few months ago I would have been horrified and probably would’ve tried to hide under the steering wheel, but now I just blushed.

    I was starting to get used to the frighteningly rich, insane omega who had absolutely no sense of boundaries.

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  • Becoming The Owners Chapter 1

    “Don’t waste your money. He’s not gonna take a drink from you.” The bartender gave me a snide look like he thought I was a moron as he started to walk away.

    “Guess you don’t want a fifty then.” Shrugging as I not-so-subtly waved the folded bills around, I turned to head back over to my table where I knew the twink that’d been serving us would do what I wanted in a heartbeat.

    “Wait.” The asshole bartender who thought he was hot shit leaned against the counter and studied me. “You have thirty seconds to satisfy my curiosity or I’ll have security toss you out.”

    God, he was so full of himself.

    It made me wonder if he knew that Niko only kept him around because he thought the guy was hot and he didn’t flirt with the dancers. I was starting to get the impression, though, that the only reason he was so professional with the other staff was because he was straight.

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