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With over 150 titles between Shaw Montgomery and MA Innes, there’s something to read for every mood.

But how can you find exactly what you want? Our Searchable Book Indexes site feature connects you with titles that perfectly match your reading preferences.

Maybe you really want to read a book with BDSM elements but don’t want to include biting? Use the Exclusion Filter.
Do you want to find every title were the characters play with cock rings or anal plugs? Check out the Intimate Acts filter.
Or maybe you want to know which books all include the Bound and Controlled Club? Find that here.

With 8 different pages that include over 16 different search options, you can find the exact type of book you want to read, no matter what!

Have questions about navigating the indexes? Contact us with a tech problem or ask in the reader group.

Searchable Book Indexes
Check out these other ways to find exactly what you want to read
  • All Books
    A sortable, alphabetical list of all books.
  • Trope
    A list of all books, sortable by trope with additional content filters.
  • Format
    A list of all books, sortable by available format with an optional trope filter.
  • Settings
    Want to know which books are set in the same worlds? Browse this sortable list of locations and the books that feature them.
  • Encounters
    2 Seperate lists of books sortable by Intimate Acts or with exlcusion filters for Intimate Acts and/or Triggers.
  • Intimacy
    Lists of all books sortable by Terms of Endearment, Heat and Angst Levels, or Relationship.
  • Connected
    A quick look overlapping side characters and storylines.
  • Characters
    Find out what books your favorite characters appear in.