What’s Coming Next? Books in November, December, and 2021

Nothing ever goes according to plan for me…I write out a list of what I want to write and my characters giggle and do their own thing.

In early October as I was finishing the last book for Leon and Morgan, I started poking at several ideas and I told myself I was going to write a new Beautiful Shame book. But my brain didn’t like that idea. With everything going on lately, and just the general chaos in my head, it all came to a screeching halt.

Well, not a complete halt. I have names and fabulously dirty ideas about what they’re doing to do together, but for those books I have to be in a certain frame of mind to write them. So now that my kids are back in person at the school part-time (two days a week), I’m going to try again because those are so much fun to write.

But that left me wandering around my house mid-October trying to decide what to focus on. So I started poking at my list again and rearranging things. That put Maverick and Trip at the top of the list suddenly. It wasn’t the order I’d planned to have their book done, but they were chatting and fun to write, so that worked for me.

So what’s coming up… Well, Leon and Morgan’s second book is up on preorder(here) and will be out on November 13th. (Check out Book 1 here.)

After that, we’ve got Trip and Maverick’s completed book coming out on November 29th. (Don’t forget to check out My Cameron before Trip’s book comes out!

Then in mid-December the goal is to jump back into the Beautiful Shame books because I love writing those and the dirty talk in those books is always so much fun.

I’ve saved the best for last, though…

Next year we’re going back to the B&C club in several books. The Bound & Controlled club is getting another series with lots of fun club action and lots of fun cameos from the guys from the first series.

We’re also going to see more of Bishop and Gray from the Leashes & Lace world, as well as more of Loren and Gordon. I’ve got great ideas for all the guys and now I just need to clone myself so I can get it all written.

Share in the comments below: What are you most excited to read next from me?

16 thoughts on “What’s Coming Next? Books in November, December, and 2021

  1. Honestly?
    All of them

    You are an autobuy author for me.

    Yes. Really.

    The most excited is Trip and Maverick, but I’m happy to hear about them all.


  2. I just finished Wade’s book and I would totally love for the twins to get their own HEA 🙂
    As for your mentioned projects i’m really looking forward to the new B&C books!

  3. All of them. You write it and I read it, multiple times.
    The next Beautiful Shame and Trip and Maverick would be the top of the list though.

  4. I am so excited about Trip/Maverick.

    But I gotta say… Bound and Controlled is VERY exciting. Leashes and Lace is like .01% lower in the excitement rating than B&C.

    You’re an autobuy author, so I can’t wait for anything you publish!

  5. Wow. Hard to list what I’m most excited to read. Loren and Gordon at the top of the list then revisiting the B&C Club. Can I admit mostly for some fortuitous cameos? I’m sure I will enjoy the main story but getting a chance to see favorites again is such a treat. Can’t wait!

    1. lol I’ve already started making lists and notes about cameos and what’s going to happen. I can’t wait to get back to the guys around the B&C club.

  6. All of them. I read everything you write. You are an incredible writer and I enjoy your books over and over again.

  7. Want to hear Wes and maybe Landon’s stor(y/ies) Hudson’s admin Wes and Randall’s roommate Landon in. Beautiful Shame.

    Your books are also an auto buy for me.

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