Upcoming Pre-Orders Summer 2023

It feels like I’ve spent the last two weeks running in circles, but I’m slowly getting back on track. Part of that has included lots and lots of words and an even bigger part as been getting some new preorders up and ready to go. Planning seems to take more brain power than writing most of the time, but it’s worth it, and I’m glad I can finally share what’s going to be coming up.

To start with, Learning to Walk and Learning to Run are currently up on preorder. I’ll be telling you a LOT more about those cuties, but it’s an MMM duet with the two roommates from Save Me Santa and the downstairs neighbor who was so enthusiastic. They’re all adorable, but Brady’s roommates are curious creatures. I can’t wait for you to meet them.

Learning to Walk will go live on August 25th.
Learning to Run will go live on September

There will also be another preorder going up soon and that one involves a craft store owner, a worrier, and love at first sight. I wonder what that could be about, hmm? And I wonder how long that story will be when it comes out?

All your questions will be answered once I have a cover and a release plan…two of the hardest things to organize for a new release. (Insert dramatic sigh from Shaw here)

The Italian version of Bound With You (LEGATO DA TE) will be going up on preorder soon, and I’m so excited to show you this. I’m hoping to have this up in the next few days and it will have about a two-week preorder. If you speak Italian please please please contact me on Facebook or here through the site and let me know you’d like to become an Italian ARC reader. This is a self-published release (with the nicest translator) and any help you guys could give me with this would be much appreciated.

And last but not least, the next German translation will be up on preorder shortly as well. My wonderful translators were all incredibly hard at work this summer, and it’s keeping me busy too. The German version of Untouched will be up on preorder in the next week and will be live sometime in mid-August (I think). I can’t wait to show you guys how this one turned out, and I’m so thrilled that this series is finally in German.

Also, don’t forget I’ve got a secret that’s getting closer and closer to being able to show you, and I’m working on several bonus chapters and short freebies, so keep an eye out for those.

SHARE IN THE COMMENTS: What book are you most excited about?

Stuff Your E-Reader Day – 1000+ Free Reads Including Without Limits and Bound With You

I’ve got a summer’s worth of free books to share with you guys.

Romance Bookworms is having their Stuff Your E-Reader event and there are more than a thousand free books to chose from. Don’t worry, though, you can search by genre and retailer, there are also tags that show you if it’s MM, MMF, or has BDSM.

This is a one-day event with everything from LGBT books to science fiction and more. I’ve got Without Limits and Bound With You for free but there are a lot of other MM authors participating if you’ve already read those.

Have fun exploring all the options, and I hope you find a new author or two so you can dive into their world.

Grab Some Free Books!

Stuff Your E-Reader Day

Summer’s Officially Here – Grab Some Sexy and Fun New Books!

The summer is here, and for a lot of you, that means more time to read for a variety of reasons.

So if you’ve already finished reading An Atypical Love, I thought I’d be helpful (or a book pusher) and share some Bookfunnel promotions that I found. Any freebies or discounts are only valid right as I’m posting this (June 21st, 2023), be sure to double check prices before you grab any deals.

These are going to be a variety of different types of promotions. Some I have books in and others are random that I found through authors I follow or read and look like fun.

The Darling Daddies Promo has all kinds of fun Daddy books.

MM Series Starters has all kinds of different books that are the first in a series if you’re already looking for a new world to jump into for the summer.

This Daddy, Please? Promo This has a mix of MM, MF, and MMF Daddy books.

Monthly Menagerie of Menage Promo for June This has got lots of ménage books and everything from Daddy kink to monsters so there’s a bit of something for everyone.

I hope you enjoy browsing through them and finding new authors and new books to read.

Surprise Reveal – I’ve Started a Patreon

If you’re active on social media, I bet you’ve seen this sentence show up a lot lately. Well, I wanted to show you what I’ve been playing around with and answer a few questions I know you’re going to have.

So buckle up, this is a long blog post.

Why are you starting a Patreon?

Because I lack common sense and the ability to tell the people in my head no.

On a more logical note, there are a lot of things I want to play with that don’t fit neatly under the Shaw or MA side of things. Like the fun guy I’m currently writing who is a very pushy sub who wants to explore being a sissy for the next-door neighbor he’s fallen head over heels for…or another naughty boy who’s been peeping at the Dom in the next apartment building over and has discovered a curiosity for watersports that he never knew he had…or—

Nope, I could keep just keep going. But you see the problem?

I’ve played around with some of these in tiny doses in books but they haven’t been the focus of the stories. Most of these ideas are things that readers would expect to see on Smashwords, not Amazon. But Smashwords is frustrating to use for a variety of reasons. So I kept coming back to the idea of doing a Patreon.

Why not just do more books on Amazon?

Well, as I mentioned above…some things just don’t neatly fit under my current brands, and Amazon really doesn’t want some topics on their site. I would never be able to advertise a book with watersports as the main kink, and I’m worried these books would get lost in erotica and never find the right readers.

Then there’s the fact that when the people in my head are happy, and my kids aren’t driving me to distraction, I can write a lot on a regular basis. And both of my kids are going to be in college this fall, so I’m going to have way too much time on my hands.

Why not just do another pen name that’s a bit kinkier than the others?

Sage told me no.

Okay, my PA (and the wonderful person who keeps me on track) was very polite when she pointed out I really don’t have time for this. The behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into setting up another pen name is just something I can’t juggle at the moment.

I know it might not sound logical from a reader’s perspective but Patreon will be much easier for me to manage than another pen name.

Why should I sign up?

If you liked seeing the chapters of the first tentacle books show up in my Facebook group early and you like reading the books before they’re released on Amazon or Smashwords, then you’ll like this. (Facebook made doing that going forward a lot harder.)

If you’d like to see me write a wider variety of kinks and help influence stories and what I’m going to write next, you’ll love this. If you like getting a more behind-the-scenes look at what I’m doing and what’s coming down the pipeline, then this will be something fun for you.

I want to make this a win-win scenario for everyone who joins up. I want to show you the other stories I’m playing with and have a place where I can ask for help and advice. Unfortunately, Facebook keeps hiding posts and making it hard for me to really connect there anymore and my site here just isn’t set up for that kind of group conversations.

Check out my new Patreon

I think this is going to be a fun journey and I’m really excited to show you what I’ve been playing around with. I also want to know what you want to see in the tiers going forward, what kind of merch you’d like, and what kind of stories you want to read…for example…I’ve seen a lot of you talking about medical play…should we see which characters want to play doctor?

This is going to be fun and I hope you take a chance on something new.

If you didn’t see my tease post last week, here’s the link to the first chapter of what I’ve been working on to start things out on Patreon.

Here’s a link to the tiers. (I can do a long post to break this down if you guys want.)

Take some time to explore what I’ve got there so far and then let me know what you think. If you have any questions, join me in my Reader Group or comment below.

A Surprise and a Secret!

I’m working on something that’s fun and definitely a bit different. I’m not quite ready to tell you everything yet because it’s got a lot of moving parts behind the scenes but I thought I’d give you a peek at part of what’s coming up.

Meet Sinclair and Kent.

Sinclair - white man with brown hair in black suit, white shirt and tie.

Sinclair (or Sin as Kent calls him) is struggling with keeping his hands off his sexy and stubborn next-door neighbor. He’s tried to ignore what’s been growing between them and he’s tried keeping Kent at arm’s length but it’s not working any longer.

The sweet sub next door has wicked ideas and is tired of waiting for the Dom he’s been obsessing over for a very long time.

Kent- white male with short brown hair wearing a scoop neck dark red shirt

Kent feels like he’s waited a lifetime to finally have the Dom of his dream. But Sinclair is overthinking things as usual and Kent’s patience has run out…however, that doesn’t mean he knows what to do or how to fix the slightly obsessively worried Dom he wants to be able to call his.

Click here for the first chapter of their book and it’s definitely one long tease…but I’ll tell you that this is age gap with a younger sub and an older Dom. It’s going to have some fun naughty times, but first, meet my new guys and see if you can guess what they’re going to get up to.

I’m going to have a full announcement about these guys very soon.

Did Someone Say Side Characters? – Who’s Getting a Story Next

Did someone ask about a side character?

As some of you know, I’ve got a list on a whiteboard in my office that has side characters who need a story. Sometimes I look at the list and sigh because it’s a ridiculous amount and sometimes I look at the list and get an idea.

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten to check some of them off my list. Ben and Conner from the club got their origin story (Becoming the Owners). Gray who showed up in the Leashes & Lace side of things got his book in Daddy’s Little Artist. The baker’s son from the Bound & Controlled books got his story (The Gift of Strength which came out on the 19 th ).

But there are a lot more still on the list.

Did I mention it’s kind of long?

I’m slowly checking off a few more over the next few months, so I thought I’d tell you about a few of them.

-The cute waiter who served Emerson and his Owner in Owners & Dolls (Emerson called him a princess little) is getting get his book very soon. He’s a cutie and a bouncy handful when he’s not being stunned stupid. He’s gotten paired up with my Schwan man. Well, kind of my Schwan man. (Schwan is a food delivery company that brings things like ice cream and chicken nuggets right to your door.) My delivery guy is the sweetest total Daddy, so I gave him to the princess little because sharing is very important.

-The chatty neighbor who cheered on Brady in Save Me Santa is getting a duet. He finds Brady’s roommates fascinating, so I’m curious to see how that’s going to turn out. This should be coming out this summer as long as I don’t get too distracted.

-Something that’s going to be just around the corner is a friend of Melissa’s (The sister from The Accidental Master books) who thinks she’s a pain in the ass but she gave him some interesting advice and pushed him in a new direction. So he’s not really a side character but it’s been fun to see her pop up, and I think it means we’re going to see more of Jackson and his pups in this one.

-Other side characters who are coming later this year are Aubrey and Lincoln and possibly the twins from the omegaverse world, and after that, I have no idea. But I’m going to keep bugging you guys to see what you’d like to read and which side characters should come out to play next…mostly because I love seeing what you’re thinking about and it’s fun to drive everyone crazy.

At least I’m an honest tease?

I can’t wait to show you what’s coming up over the next few months.

SHARE IN THE COMMENTS: Which side character are you most looking forward to reading more about?