What I’m Working On – A Prequel, A Bonus, And a Sequel!

Right now, I’m finishing up something that’s been a surprise for a while as I figured out how it was going to look…the story of how Ben and Conner met. These two own the Bound & Controlled club and haven’t really talked much about their relationship.

However, with enough poking and prodding, they’ve started to actually open up to me and not just randomly flirt and talk about the club.Conner is always chatty…just never about himself, so I was excited to see how they fell in love. Let’s just say it’s been slightly unexpected but I’m having fun with it.

Becoming The Owners should be out mid-month (short preorder) and is a novella about the start of their relationship. Stay tuned later this week for the blurb and the cover and a peek at their story.

The rest of the week is going to be working on a fun bonus chapter for Finley and Jared that I should’ve already written if I’d stayed on track in January…hint hint…I did not. But I know exactly what I’m going to write and it shouldn’t take long at all. So depending on editing schedules, it might be ready by this weekend.

I’ve got a lot of other random starts and ideas to play with, but after I get Ben and Conner done and the bonus chapter all wrapped up, it’s time to jump back into Perry and TC’s story from His to Dare. They’re going to be my main focus the rest of this month and then I’ll poke at some of the other fun things that have popped up recently like the cutie that lives downstairs from Brady and Jude (Save Me Santa).

So lots to be written and lots to do in my real life because my daughter is going to college in the fall (University for those of you in the UK) and the to-do list for that stuff is growing by leaps and bounds every time I turn around. It’s just amazing to see how different two Universities are that are so close together, and I have to say that my son’s school last year was much more organized.

I hope you guys are having a great week so far and that we all stay wonderfully productive.

Share in the Comments: Which upcoming story are you looking forward to the most?

A Random Assortment of Publishing Plans for 2023

Every December I sit down to plan out the most logical books I should release for the next year—and every year the plan goes wildly off track. (Insert mental image of author shaking head here.) But, like clockwork, I did it again because I’m a planner by nature and I love lists.

Some of the books I know will get written are from the His To…Series: His to Use and His to Love (early in the year). I also have high on the to-do list to make sure Aubrey and Lincoln’s book gets written this year (Aubrey shows up in Rethinking Fate), as well as another Too Close book.

You’re probably starting to see a theme here…

So did I. (Picture me shaking my head again.)

So I added books to the list that will be able to go on Amazon. I’m less sure of these, but right now, I have that I want to write more about the pups from the Leashes & Lace world. I want to go back to my omegaverse and write more about the littles from the club at the very least. I’ve also been playing around with ideas for a story about Ben and Conner (from the Bound & Controlled club).

There are a lot of fun options from my list of side characters that I’ve been adding to and making notes about this year. My Facebook group has been great about helping me collect all the random characters that have stories, and the list is now on my whiteboard in my office.

The books I know will come out at the beginning of the year because I’ve already gotten a lot written in them (smiling author image here lol) is another Beautiful Shame book. Finley is a sweet, naughty slut, and he’s adorable. You’re going to love him.

I’ve also got a great start on another novella in the alien world. This is going to be in the Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology. Tentacle Daddy is very intent on finding a little to care for. I love writing those guys and my new alien, Wright, is just as earnest as the rest.

There are also a half-dozen first chapters of several other ideas that have popped up over the last few weeks. Like, I know who the guy was downstairs cheering on Brady in Save Me Santa. The number of random book beginnings I’ve done over the past month is truly ridiculous, but I’m very grateful that the people in my head are chatty.

Hopefully, 2023 will continue with that theme and the characters will continue to be excited and helpful.

I would love to be able to write everything that’s bouncing around in my head, but that means they all have to cooperate. So, fingers crossed for a productive year and lots of books.

Comment below: What are you most interested in reading this year from me?

Personal Recap of 2022

This has been such an odd year and it feels almost like a turning point in my life. I will be the first to admit I didn’t get nearly as much written as I wanted to (although I apparently published 22 titles!), but I can’t complain because the tradeoff was that I got to spend a lot of time with my son during his senior year of high school.

Getting my son ready to go off to college with everything that entails practically and emotionally was a huge learning experience—and a lot to do as a single mom—but I’m so proud of him…and not just because of how he’s done in college. He’s figuring out the balance between asking for help and doing things himself and he’s learned so much. But he’s also been a wonderful big brother even though he’s not home all the time now.

When I left for college, I can honestly say my family never missed me. They just weren’t that type of people and we never had a close relationship so leaving just exaggerated that. But my daughter and I can honestly feel the difference when my son is gone and it was a stark reminder for me about how different my relationship is with my kids than my parents had with me.

Now as we approach 2023, I’m getting my daughter ready to start college next fall and learning things all over again. She’s so different than my son, but it’s been wonderful to show her all his successes and let her see it hasn’t been a scary process. I can’t wait to see how things go for her next fall when she starts college, but that’s going to be hard because it will be the first time in a very long time that I’ve been on my own.

It’s going to be so weird, but I’ve got a lot planned to keep me busy, and my daughter has told me not to worry because she’s decided to basically live in my basement forever once she finishes college.

So…yeah, not sure if I should be worried about that or not, but the sentiment is…sweet? It sounds like I need a hermit cave in the next house. What’s a She Shed that’s technically in a basement?

To keep me busy next year, I’ve got a lot of books planned and I’m even going to be at RARE in Florence, Italy next September. That means it will be time for a big vacation while I travel all over. Balancing traveling and work will be an interesting challenge, but it’s going to be so much fun. I plan on staying busy in a lot of ways, and hopefully, that means I can do a lot more book events going forward.

I hope this year was wonderful for you and that you have big plans for next year. I’m doing my best to teach my kids to dream big, so I hope you do the same. Good luck in 2023.

My Favorites from 2022

When Sage (my wonderful PA) put together a list of the books I published this year it surprised me. I’ve kept pushing through this year feeling like I haven’t done enough and haven’t gotten enough accomplished. Looking at the list, though, I got more done than I realized.

So focusing on the best parts of 2022, I had so much fun writing every book that came out this year, but some of my favorites are Owners & Dolls, the Trouble Comes in Threes series, and Bishop and his cuties.

—Emerson (Owners & Dolls) was just so funny. Every thought and random thing that came out of his mouth made me smile, and I loved that he was so wonderfully unique. His uninhibited way of seeing life was so much fun to write.

—The story for Donovan and Trey (Trouble Comes in Threes) was more of a passion project. I love disaster movies, and my favorite time in movies was in the late ’90s when all the asteroid movies came out. I love those, so when I started watching some fun documentaries on what-if scenarios, I knew I had to write one. They’re so sweet and I love their banter.

—Bishop and his cuties took a long time to get started, but once I figured out what he wanted and what he needed, things came together quickly. I’m very grateful for several friends and readers who helped me brainstorm about these guys, and I’m very grateful that so many of you jumped into the series so I could release the boxed set first.

I’m still figuring out what I should aim for in 2023, but what I plan and what the people in my head start chatting about aren’t always in sync. So far, I know I have a few things to finish like His to Use and His to Love (His To…Series). I also want to go back to my omegaverse, and there are a few fun projects with other authors that I’ve agreed to do.

I can’t wait to tell you all about them, but in the meantime, if there’s a kink you want to see me explore in a book or a past character you’re ready to read more about (like our cutie the baker’s son who popped up in the Bound & Controlled series), comment below or join my reader group to let me know.

Here's to a pretty good 2022 and an even better 2023.

Books Published in 2022 by Shaw Montgomery -MA Innes

Including bonus shorts, audiobooks of previously published titles, and new releases…I released 22 titles in 2022!

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Meet Me In Italy – September 2023 Event

I love traveling. It’s one of my favorite hobbies, and it’s giving me a wonderful boost and something to look forward to when both my kids are in college next year. (That’s just so weird. I don’t know how time went by so fast.)

My first big trip once they’re both in college is going to be RARE Florence in September 2023. I have a few books already in Italian and I’m going to have several more books available by next fall. I’m so excited to see Italy again and to start planning my trip. (Venice, here I come.)

If you’d like to come hang out with me at RARE or just Florence in general while I’m playing tourist, that would be wonderful and I’d really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to visiting my Italian readers and making lots of new friends while I’m there.

RARE Florence 2023 Tickets
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RARE Florence 2023 Author Bade for Shaw Montgomery- MA Innes

Find me on Facebook or email me if you have questions about what books I’ll have at RARE or about my trip in general. I promise there will be lots more details to come.

RARE Florence 2023 Author Bade for Shaw Montgomery- MA Innes