The Boy Are Back – Too Close to Risk is now Available!

Too Close to Risk is now live.

I love coming back to these guys. Kevin, Jeremy, Bryan, and Maddox are so real to me at this point that it’s like going to talk to old friends.

In Too Close to Risk, the story starts before the holidays you saw in Our Too Close Christmas last year.

You’re going to get to see those holidays from Kevin and Jeremy’s point of view, as well as see what else they were doing around that time.

I’ll give you a hint…they end up talking to Ben…hmm, what could that mean?

Too Close to Risk contains the bonus chapters from Our Too Close Christmas, so if you didn’t get a chance to read that last year you will now.

But there just wasn’t room for everything Kevin wanted to tell you about, so Too Close to Deny (book 9) will be out in mid-December, and it will finish their holiday season and all the shenanigans that they’ve planned (Maddox is to blame for some of the excitement too lol).

But no more hints for that one just yet.

I can’t wait to show you what they’ve gotten up to and what Maddox has planned.

It’s going to be a very interesting Christmas and a fascinating holiday season in general.

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