Bryan Has Lots of Questions – Too Close to Deny Now Available! + Smashwords End of Year Sale!

Too Close to Deny…that’s basically Kevin in a nutshell. He’s hard to resist. On my end, he’s hard to resist because I had no intention of releasing two Too Close books this month. It was not my plan at all. It was his plan, though.

Kevin had countless things he wanted to talk about and do, so we settled on getting most of his list into two books. He’s a wonderfully bad influence, though, because the more he got what he wanted, the more Bryan started to speak up and demand he get a list too.

That nearly killed both Kevin and me… because neither of us are used to Bryan speaking up and being the instigator of anything.

However, he had a list of questions he wanted to work his way through, and Kevin was the lucky person who he aimed his questions at. Of course, Jeremy and Maddox were smart Doms and made sure they eavesdropped to stay up to date on the insanity.

Don’t worry, Kevin and Bryan spend a ridiculous about of time doing the same thing, so it all evens out in the end.

They’re so funny and just so darned cute…even when they’re talking about naughty things like switching partners would be like and what Maddox and Jeremy might do together. (That conversation nearly killed Bryan lol).

I can’t wait to show you what else they’re up to for Christmas, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Too Close to Deny is now live here on my site or on Smashwords. Please feel free to purchase it where ever it makes the most sense for you.

If you need several of the books to catch up with the cuties, Smashwords is having their End of Year sale.
Several of the Too Close books are either free or on sale, so go check those out. It runs through the end of December.

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Buy Too Close to Deny

Too Close to Deny by MA Innes - Gay Romance Taboo Book Cover

Smashwords End of Year Sale

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