Sweet Romance and Naughty Little Time – Buy Bold Now with Early Access

Bold by MA Innes- Gay Romance Book Cover - Blog Post

My omegas are back!

Bold is now live on my site!.

(It will be on Amazon and in KU starting Friday June 21st)

Dessie and Tyson are sexy and sweet together, and I had so much fun writing about the club and Austin again.

Bold has sweet romance and naughty fun during little time. We go back to the playroom to catch up with some old friends, and Austin is enjoying driving everyone crazy. But he’s a wonderful matchmaker and I can’t wait for you to see how adorably naughty Dessie and Tyson’s first date it.

Have fun with Dessie and Tyson.

Bold by MA Innes- Gay Romance Book Cover

Tyson has a problem. He wants into the club, but the gatekeeper, Austin, knows he’s hiding something. He is. He just wasn’t prepared to have to share about his physical issues before getting to meet someone who wouldn’t mind those differences. But with a club full of open-minded omegas and Austin playing matchmaker…this time it’ll be different, right?

Dessie has a problem. Austin wants to fix him up with an unconventional alpha. Dessie wants to believe that Austin knows what he’s doing because everyone knows Austin is amazing. However, his frustrating history with Doms has shown him that opening up about his own desires isn’t a good idea…but Austin swears this time it’ll be different.

When privacy is a must and dating has been a bust, two men have to decide if they’re ready to finally open up and let love in.

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