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    A Mischievous Little and a Gruff Alpha – Pre-Order Bold Now

    The next omegaverse book is up on preorder and I thought I’d give you a peek at the new book. Dessie from the playroom is on the cover. He’s mischievous and loveable and has had a bit of a rocky dating history. But that’s all going to change because Austin’s playing matchmaker. I know…that’s a scary sentence. You’re going to like Tyson, though, so don’t worry. He’s slightly gruff alpha who likes information and privacy. He’s very new to BDSM but he’s got a purpose in exploring it. He’s hoping to find an openminded sub who won’t mind his physical issue that makes him unique. Tyson has a hormonal issue that makes it so he lactates. He’s convinced it will […]

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  • Tanner and Bashful are FREE Through 6/9

    Have you started reading about the omegas?

    Tanner and Bashful are both free through today to let you jump into my omegaverse world if you haven’t figured out how funny those guys are yet.

    Drunk shenanigans.

    Naughty omegas.

    Sexy alphas.

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  • Summer 2024 plans blog post image
    Summer 2024 Plans

    You have no idea how many times I’ve rewritten my release plans for the next couple of months. Over and over and over isn’t even enough of an explanation.

    Part of the problem was I let myself get too worn out in the first couple of months of the year. Family drama and overscheduling myself and my kids were super distracting (no surprise there to anyone with kiddos no matter how old they are). The end result was just a tired author who wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

    So I rewrote plans at least five different times but Sage would probably tell you it was a lot more than that.

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  • Innocent on the Outside, Naughty on the Inside – Brave is Now Available!

    Charlie’s book has finally arrived and he’s ready for you to meet his sweet Daddy…he’s just hoping his Daddy isn’t too sweet. That can be dangerous because it’s a real fear that Daddies who are too nice might not want to spank their cute subs…and spankings are top on Charlie’s list of what he wants from his Daddy. As you can probably guess, Charlie looks innocent on the outside (and is painfully shy) but he’s also a bit naughty. Charlie likes body worship and large alphas, and he’s looking for a Daddy who doesn’t mind that he’s got a wicked side. These two are so cute together, but Brave also has a fun fort that’s perfect for a nervous little, […]

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  • The Shy Boy and the Newbie Daddy – Pre-Order Brave Now!

    Charlie’s coming! “Who’s Charlie?” should not be your first question because he’s the cutie from the omegaverse club playroom. I know you’ve read about those guys and how much fun the littles from the club are. Yep, no question there. You remember Charlie. You also remember how shy he is and how he’s a little bit dramatic when it comes to getting attention over things like booboos. You also remember how sweet he was when he started getting to know Gideon (another little at the club that you remember…from Bashful). Well, a new Dom has come to the playroom to meet the littles and he’s very curious about the nervous sub who has very firm views on coloring. Ansel hasn’t […]

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  • Cutie the Cop is finally here – Bashful is Now Available!

    Cutie the Cop is finally here…Austin’s nickname for him of course. I love getting to write characters who are just a little unique. Sometimes it’s the way they see the world and other times it’s something about who they are that’s just a bit special, but they’re some of my favorite types of characters to write. Gideon is special in a lot of ways. He’s a cop that’s sweeter than most and he’s a physically small alpha…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But he keeps everything else hidden away, especially his longing to submit. Bashful (MA Innes) is the start of a spinoff series that is a kinkier side to the Romance & Revolutions series (Shaw Montgomery). It’s […]

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