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Tyson has a problem. He wants into the club, but the gatekeeper, Austin, knows he’s hiding something. He is. He just wasn’t prepared to have to share about his physical issues before getting to meet someone who wouldn’t mind those issues. But with a club full of open-minded omegas and Austin playing matchmaker…this time it’ll be different, right?

Dessie has a problem. Austin wants to fix him up with an unconventional alpha. Dessie wants to believe that Austin knows what he’s doing because everyone knows Austin is amazing. However, his frustrating history with Doms has shown him that opening up about his own desires isn’t a good idea…but Austin swears this time it’ll be different.
When privacy is a must and dating has been a bust, two men have to decide if they’re ready to finally open up and let love in.

Author’s Content Note: This is an ABO romance with an alpha who lactates. If you want more details on the other aspects of the story, please see the author’s website.

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2 reviews for Bold

  1. Denise Roberts

    From the start Dessie was full on , being a very hyper little.
    Only finding Daddies that thought he was not being a proper little., not being able to cope with him.
    Tyson was desperate to join the club but Austin knew he was keeping a secret. Once he confided in Austin, Austin decided to play matchmaker.
    Tyson and Dessie are perfect together , Tyson never being a Daddy before loved how excitable and accepting Dessis was to his uniqueness .
    With Austin keeping an eye on them both of them. it makes for a fun read.

  2. Hopeless Romantic

    Austin being Austin, he had decided to play matchmaker and fix up two men he thought would be a good match. Tyson was an alpha with a unique issue who dealt in information and wanted to join the club. He was someone we hadn’t met before, whereas we met Dessie earlier in the series as the naughty little who was throwing crayons in the playroom. As usual, Austin was right and these men were perfect for each other.

    Continuing with the hurt/comfort themes of the series, Tyson was a man with an unusual medical condition that caused him to lactate. It was something that made him uncomfortable and he assumed if he found a partner, it would be something they would ignore but never considered it would be something anyone would appreciate. Dessie, on the other hand, was a little with an oral fixation that found it delightful. The way this was handled felt very natural and it was just one of many reasons these two were so compatible.

    Before meeting Tyson, Dessie had dated a jerk who thought his desires were wrong so he had his own insecurities to deal with. Tyson had never been a Daddy before, so he had no preconceived notions of what should and shouldn’t be acceptable while little, and if that included some grown-up fun, he wasn’t one to judge.

    This book was sweet and sexy and as always, full of MA Innes’ signature humor. Tyson and Dessie perfectly complemented each other across a variety of needs and desires and communicated with each other along the way. I highly recommend Bold, and if you are on the fence about the kinks, you’ll never know unless you give it a try ?

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