• his theo blog post
    Meeting at an Alien/Human Mixer – Get His Theo Now with Early Access!

    Are you ready to dive into Theo’s book?

    His Theo is now live here on my site and it will be available through Thursday evening because on Friday it goes live on Amazon (and in KU).

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  • Mischief and Mates by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover
    Lost and Worried Mates – Read Mischief and Mates Early!

    Are you ready for some dragon fun? Mischief and Mates is live on my site now through Thursday (April 25th) and then Friday it goes live on Amazon (KU). Alick’s mate is clearly lost since he hasn’t shown up yet, but never fear, Lorne is here to help. (Yep, that’s as scary as it sounds.) So now Alick is worried, Carrick is pissed, Lorne is playing dumb, and the townspeople are up to shenanigans. I can’t wait to show you how cute these two are together and how Alick’s mate reacts to their interesting little town. This has lots of cute little time and a fun primal play scene that’s got some silly pranks to give our adorable human a […]

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