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Today I’m turning over the blog to another writer who jumped into puppy play with the cutest story. I had a chance to read Stay before it came out and I thought it was so sweet. Take a look at KM Neuhold‘s Stay and get to know here a bit if you haven’t read her books yet.

Falling In Puppy Love

I want to start out by telling you that less than a year ago, I was as vanilla as they come when it came to what I liked to read about. I was one of those unfortunate people who got a bit scared away from the idea of BDSM in books by…well, I’m sure you can guess which book 😉 . I was quite happy going about my life reading vanilla love stories, and then M.A. Innes happened. I can’t remember at this point what made me curious to read some of the more taboo types of kink M.A. writes about, but I found myself curious. That was how I fell down the puppy play rabbit hole.

To say I never thought about puppy play before this is an understatement. I knew it existed, I’ve seen the HBO documentaries about people’s “strange” sex lives. But it wasn’t something I’d given any more thought to than that. As I started reading puppy play stories, my eyes were completely opened to a different kind of D/s relationship than I’d ever known existed. Of course, there ARE some darker puppy play stories too, but the ones I found myself obsessed with were the sweet and fluffy stories. The thought of a gentle, caring Dom cuddling, playing, and loving his pup was almost too much for my squishy heart to take.

I know for some people, puppy play is just too “out there” to wrap their heads around, but, to me there’s nothing sweeter than this kink. When I think about puppy play, there are two things that speak to me the most—aside from the super sweet Dom, of course. First, I think back to being a kid. I can’t be the only one who spent most of my childhood running around on my hands and knees, insisting I was various kinds of animals, right? It’s that moment of freedom, of not having any responsibilities or worries, of simply playing. When you think of it in those terms, it’s not so hard to relate to, is it? Second, is the ability to touch and be touched without the expectations of sex. Sex is great, but sometimes simply cuddling for hours can restore your soul in ways sex can’t. Sure, some puppy play is sexual, but there’s also the aspect of it where the Master and pup aren’t focused purely on getting off, like other forms of D/s can tend to revolve around, it’s just about being together and relaxing.

When I decided to finally dive in and write my own puppy play, I wanted it to be something people new to reading the kink wouldn’t feel too intimidated by, while also being something appealing to puppy play experts. Lars and Jonah spoke to me on a deep level, as a couple who have been together for a decade and are comfortable with their mostly vanilla sex life. When Jonah discovers puppy play, he’s terrified Lars won’t be up for exploring it with him, but he also can’t shake his new-found desire. I think even if puppy play isn’t your thing, this story is relatable to anyone who has been with a partner long-term. It can be scary and difficult at times to bring up new things to try in the bedroom for fear your partner won’t be interested or they’ll interpret your new needs as a failure on their part. The way Lars and Jonah explore this new side of their relationship together is fun, sweet, and very steamy.

If you want to check out my first foray into puppy play you can get it here: mybook.to/Stay

And I can say without a doubt that now that puppy play has sunk its teeth into me, I WILL be writing many more in the future.

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