Master Toby

Master Toby is here! As crazy as this week was, waiting for the giveaway to go live has been incredibly difficult. The big group giveaway has a ton of books by some really wonderful authors. Have fun checking it out and browsing through all the different types of stories. But of course, you have to read about my new guys, Noah and Tobias, first.

They’re so cute together. I can’t wait to see what you think because the story has some fun twists you might not be expecting. Then there’s my habit of bringing back my favorite characters to visit, so you’ll have to see who else shows up in Master Toby.

Another great thing about this week is that Casey is finally out on preorder. The book will go live on February 22nd and is pretty much a standalone. Of course with the fun cameos from the other characters in that series, I think it will be more enjoyable if you’ve read the other Leashes & Lace books first.

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Master Toby by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

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