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My aliens are some of my favorite books to write.

I love how they see the world and how they describe it and I LOVE how seriously they take their relationships with their humans.

Those are some of Theo’s favorite things about them too…and that they have tentacles.

He thinks those are fabulous too.

But one of my favorite parts of this book is how good these two are at supporting each other. They each have worries and emotions that are holding them back but they’re so much stronger together.

His Theo is now live on Amazon and I can’t wait to see what you think of these two…and I’d love to hear about what kind of story we need next in this world.

Have fun with these cuties.

“You’re so submissive, some lucky alien is just going to carry you off like ‘me Tarzan, you Jane.’”

Theo isn’t expecting much when he gets invited to make some new friends and possibly find himself a mate. He knows if he’s lucky, he’ll have a nice dinner and only come across as slightly awkward. But the one thing he isn’t counting on is meeting the Dom of his dreams right before hitting the floor.

When a cutie with confidence issues meets an adorably awkward Dom, they’ll learn that sometimes you have to find your mate to find yourself.

3 thoughts on “Stronger Together – Buy His Theo Now on Amazon (and Kindle Unlimited)

  1. Hello! I am reading His Theo now! 🙂 LOVE this series!! Will there be more after His Theo? (fingers crossed!) 🙂

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