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    Stronger Together – Buy His Theo Now on Amazon (and Kindle Unlimited)

    My aliens are some of my favorite books to write.

    I love how they see the world and how they describe it and I LOVE how seriously they take their relationships with their humans.

    Those are some of Theo’s favorite things about them too…and that they have tentacles.

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    Meeting at an Alien/Human Mixer – Get His Theo Now with Early Access!

    Are you ready to dive into Theo’s book?

    His Theo is now live here on my site and it will be available through Thursday evening because on Friday it goes live on Amazon (and in KU).

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    Summer 2024 Plans

    You have no idea how many times I’ve rewritten my release plans for the next couple of months. Over and over and over isn’t even enough of an explanation.

    Part of the problem was I let myself get too worn out in the first couple of months of the year. Family drama and overscheduling myself and my kids were super distracting (no surprise there to anyone with kiddos no matter how old they are). The end result was just a tired author who wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

    So I rewrote plans at least five different times but Sage would probably tell you it was a lot more than that.

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    A Dating Potluck – Pre-Order His Theo Now

    My aliens are back!

    I love these guys and sometimes they just start randomly talking.

    I had no intention of writing one of these books right now. In fact, it was on the list for later this year but I made the mistake of poking at them and then there was a book.

    Normally its one of the main characters who first starts to chat but this time it was Nicholas and Larry.

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  • MY Cameron free may 2nd-6th blog post featured image
    Have You Read A Tentacle Romance Yet? – My Cameron is FREE May 2nd-6th

    To celebrate the next New Neighbors book coming out at the end of May (His Theo) I’ve got the first book My Cameron for free on Amazon. If you haven’t read this series my tentacle aliens are sexy and adorable. They think humans are wonderfully fascinating creatures and have a lot of fun exploring physical pleasures. I love how they see domination and submission, and I love how head-over-heels they are when they find their perfect human. If you’ve read these books and love them then I would really appreciate your help spreading the word that My Cameron is free through May 6th. If you haven’t then dive into some tentacle fun. Check out the full series on Amazon. Pre-Order […]

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  • An Overly Cautious Daddy – My Little Human Now Available!

    My Little Human is finally live. This is the extended story for Dane and Wright. They started out as a novella in the Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology and they were so much fun I had to see what else they were getting up to. Dane is the cutest little and is having a fun time trying to figure out how to manage his overly cautious Daddy, and Wright is trying to do his best to keep his adorable little safe in a dangerous world with butterknives and stairs. I love getting to write about my aliens. They have the most interesting thoughts and they see submission and the world in general so differently. I hope you have fun reading more […]

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