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Are you ready to see the cover and full blurb for Wishes and Research?

Here’s my cutie Paxton and the dragon is his mate Fraser. Paxton is an entomologist who happens to have stumbled upon some slightly odd bugs and tracked them down to our cute little town. Yep, no surprise that bugs around there randomly disappear.

It’s just good camouflage though, nothing to worry about.

Fraser is the local guide Paxton found to lead him around the area because for some reason the trails are hard to follow…oops. Don’t worry. They’ll get those fixed, but in the meantime, Fraser doesn’t mind helping the cute bug doctor.

You guys haven’t met either of them yet, but Fraser is always hanging out in the background and being nosy. But he’s better behaved than most of the locals and doesn’t mind being a translator for Paxton who really doesn’t understand what’s going on most of the time.

The locals are confusing even if he didn’t like bugs more than people…but don’t worry, Fraser will protect him from nosy questions and curious locals.

Here’s Paxton on the cover.

They’re so funny together and I love the way Fraser is such a lighthearted teasing Daddy, but Paxton is an adorably confused little. He doesn’t know he’s a little and he has no idea what’s going on in town.

The next dragon book is going live here on my site on July 14th and on Amazon July 19th.

Here’s the first chapter of Wishes and Research if you want a peek at it.

I love how sciency people look at the world and I love how cute Fraser thinks Paxton is…and I love how Paxton does his best to ignore all the insanity around him.

I hope you have fun with these two and I can’t wait for next week!

Wishes and Research by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Bugs. Well, beetles, but it doesn’t matter because they keep disappearing. Poof. Insects, bugs, or just creepy crawlies, Paxton doesn’t care what they’re called because they’re the most fascinating creatures he’s ever seen, and as an entomologist, that’s saying a lot. But since he’s currently in the most frustrating town he’s ever seen, there might be a connection.

Bugs. Fraser is fascinated by the adorable bug doctor who’s running around town digging in the dirt and playing with bugs. He also agrees with the rest of the nuts in town that Paxton has to be a little. But there’s one big question on everyone’s mind. Does Paxton know he’s not as vanilla as he seems to think he is?

When the bugs are vanishing and the locals are perplexing, falling in love just might be the easiest part of Paxton’s magical discoveries.

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