Our Perfect Puzzle Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Are you sure there wasn’t something else we were supposed to do before we left? Didn’t we promise Mom we’d run an errand for her?” Wandering around the kitchen, pretending to look for the car keys, I glanced over at Maddox. He was leaning against the table, watching me. “I’m sure there was something. Can you remember what it was?”

“We’re supposed to run down tomorrow and place an order at the bakery. She wanted us to have treats for the ride back and the first day or two at school.” Maddox stood up and walked over to me. His hands came up and started rubbing my arms tenderly. “What are you doing, B?”

“Looking for my keys and making sure we didn’t forget anything.” I tried to play innocent.

“Your keys are in your pocket and have been for almost ten minutes now. They’re not in the fridge or the cabinet or mixed in with the mail. You also haven’t forgotten anything because we’ve been over the to-do list three times in the past week.” He leaned in close and gave me a kiss on my forehead. Pulling back, he smiled at me and pressed again. “What are you avoiding? Or maybe I should ask what you’re worried about?”

I looked at him helplessly, not sure I could explain it.

“Do we need to cancel dinner? You’ve emailed both of them several times and when we were over at the store last week, you didn’t say no. You stood right there at the checkout while I said yes. Is all this about going over to Sarah and Richard’s house, or something else?” Maddox wasn’t upset. But it was easy to see that he was starting to get worried.

“I don’t know?” I didn’t mean for it to come out as a question, so I tried again. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s everything. Dinner…the summer being almost over…school starting again…just everything.”

Maddox pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me, letting me rest my face against his neck. I’d been doing better about the whole playing ostrich thing, but sometimes I still needed it. His voice deepened into the tone he occasionally used on me. “I’m very proud of you for being able to talk to me about what you’re feeling.”

He let me relax and cuddle with him for a little bit longer before he spoke again. “Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to go back upstairs for a minute. Then we’re going to head over to dinner. On the way over, if there’s something specific you want to talk about, we will. Otherwise, we’re going to hang out and have fun while we drive. You’re going to do your best to put your worries out of your head for a while because thinking about them isn’t making you feel better. When you’re ready, we’ll start addressing them.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I took another deep breath, smelling the unique scent that was all Maddox and pulled away. “I’m ready to go upstairs.”

I didn’t ask what he was going to do or what the plan was as we walked out of the kitchen, heading for the bedroom. Yeah, there was a little part of me that might have been too embarrassed to ask. But mostly, it was trust. He would do what he thought would help. I had complete confidence in him.

Even I could see I was much more functional now than I had been at the beginning of the summer when everything first happened. Some of that was work on my part, but I think most of it had to do with him.

He kept me grounded and accepted me. It was amazing how much simpler things were when you knew you had someone standing right there with you. I was still easily embarrassed and prone to hiding during stressful moments, but much better overall.

He was probably going to do something that would make me a little nuts, but that was okay. He was Daddy and that was what mattered. He would help me keep the worries at bay and handle things that came up. I had to keep reminding myself of that when the panic started to stir.

Which wasn’t that often lately.

Hell, we’d gone to the toy store and bought that cock cage last week and I hadn’t hidden at all. I’d been functional. I might not have been able to say the word out loud yet, but I could think it without wanting to climb under the bed. Big improvement, really. I’d also touched it and read the instructions.

At Maddox’s insistence.

But still, I’d done it.

I was feeling better by the time the bedroom door shut. Hopefully, whatever Daddy had planned would help me stay that way. It was going to be a stressful afternoon—no way around it. I was actually looking forward to going. I liked both of them, and I knew it was important that we had people we could talk to about stuff.

I had my online friends, who were actually very supportive, and where I felt the most comfortable. Daddy needed real people, though. He needed that personal connection to someone who could relate. Someone who could understand what we were to each other and support that. Finally realizing that made it easier to push back the initial fears about getting to know them more.

It was something that I could do for Daddy, not the other way around.

He did so much for me and sometimes I felt like I wasn’t doing enough for him. It was always a fleeting thought—I knew how important I was to him and how much he liked taking care of me. Helping him find friends we could both relate to would make him feel safer. I wasn’t going to take away something he needed. I could do it.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Sit on the edge of the bed and wait for me, Baby.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He walked over to the closet, but I turned away instead of watching what he would do next. Heading over to the bed, I hopped up on the edge, simply trying to relax. Closing my eyes, I took a couple of deep breaths. My stress wasn’t only about dinner. There had been so much running through my head the past couple of days, it had gotten harder and harder to push it all away.

“Here we go. Lean back for me, B.” Daddy’s voice was warm and tender. I let the emotions rush through me. He made me feel so safe and loved.

“Yes, Daddy.” Eyes still closed because I was starting to get an idea of what he was going to do, I leaned back. He laughed and I felt movement on the bed where he set something down. It still seemed like looking was a bad idea, so I waited. It wasn’t long before I felt his hands on my pants.

“Bottom up. We need to get these down.” With a little help from me, he had the pants and jock down to my knees. Maddox was a pro at getting my clothes on and off now. The thought made me want to chuckle.

“You gonna tell me what’s so funny?” His words held a hint of laughter; I knew if I looked, he’d be smiling.

“I was thinking that you were getting good at taking off my clothes.”

His voice dropped and sent shivers down my spine. “I’m very good at getting my baby naked.”

“Don’t do that.” It came out breathy and I knew he could hear the passion growing. “We don’t have time.”

“Sadly, you’re right.” His voice was filled with wicked teasing. He was enjoying himself. His hand wrapped around the base of my cock, keeping me from getting hard. The warm touch made me want to thrust up and beg, but I knew I wasn’t supposed to. “Stay still, B. I want to make sure I get this on you right.”


He was really going to do it.

I knew we’d been working up to this, but I thought I had more time. Like several more weeks…months maybe. We’d talked about it and researched it together, discussing pros and cons. Daddy wanted to make sure I knew why he wanted it. Why he was going to make me wear it. But it was never something that was up to me. He’d made the decision.

That damned cock cage.

I finally opened my eyes and peeked down at what he was doing when I felt the plastic slide over me. It wasn’t as shocking as it had been the first time, but something about it still made it hard to breathe. It was so…sexy…hot…crazy…submissive…

I might not be able to talk about it yet, but I loved the damned thing.

I’d only worn it around the house so far—when we were guaranteed to be alone. When we first brought it home, he’d put it on me for nap time, instead of my diaper. The next time, he put it on under my diaper while I played with my toys. Even though it was designed for long-term wear, we’d only used it for short periods so I could get familiar with it.

Daddy was clear that he was going to put it on me for longer and longer stretches. I guess, maybe I hadn’t understood the timetable we were talking about. He’d been interested in it from the very beginning. The first time he’d seen one at the store, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas.

As school had gotten closer to starting, he’d become more insistent about getting one. It wasn’t like I was fighting the idea; it just made me uneasy. I liked the idea of giving him that control. But the idea that someone might find out made me nauseous.

The first few times I wore it, I was in our room with the door locked securely. Daddy had said he wanted me to get used to not being able to get hard. It was weird but not bad. It gave me the same feeling that my diaper did, secure and submissive…safe because I belonged to Daddy.

Wearing it under my clothes the first time had been insanely difficult. We were hanging out in the house by ourselves. It wasn’t like there was anything to worry about but still…it’d made me crazy. Even knowing that it wasn’t visible under my clothes unless I wore something clingy, I’d gone right back to being the Bryan who wanted to hide.

Eventually, I’d calmed down and realized that it wasn’t as scary as I’d thought it was. He’d made a habit of putting it on me several times over the last couple of days, wanting me to get used to it before we left. I think it was his way of making sure we could stay connected at school, though we wouldn’t be living together anymore.

“There we go. Let’s get your pants up, Baby. It’s time to go.”

That caught my attention and I looked up from where I’d been staring at the cage. “You said it was time to go like half an hour ago?”

He laughed and didn’t seem to look guilty at all. “I built in some leeway for us. I had a feeling we might not be able to leave on time. Someone has been a little worried about this.”

“That’s just wrong.”

“Says the guy who spent ten minutes looking for keys that were in his pocket the whole time.” Now he was giving me a “daddy” look. It was that be-careful-or-you’re-going-to-be-punished expression. My cock began swelling in the small tube and I started to squirm.

“Is your special place trying to get hard?” It sounded so naughty coming out of his mouth that I wanted to beg. Damned cock cage.

“Yes, Daddy.” I couldn’t hide the need in my voice. He always turned me on so effortlessly, and something about the cage made it even easier.

Denial just did it for me.

He moved one hand over to rest on the cage before leaning down to kiss me quickly and tenderly. “I’m glad. I think this will help keep your mind on other things besides worries. What do you think?”

“Oh yeah, there’s no way to forget it.”

“Good. Time to go then.” Taking my hands, he pulled me off the bed. Then he leaned down to adjust my jock again and pull my pants up. His hands wandered over my ass as he smoothed it out unnecessarily. Knowing how much he liked seeing me in it had my cock trying to get hard again. When he’d dressed me and I was ready, he let me go over to the mirror to see. I’d done the same thing every time he put it on but I couldn’t help it.

My special place was a little more pronounced…possibly. Even standing at an angle, I had to admit it was pretty discreet. Sarah had been right.

Now that had been a crazy conversation.

Thank God Maddox hadn’t made me talk when they were discussing the cock cage. Standing there listening while he asked questions about long-wearing comfort and how it would look under clothes had nearly given me a heart attack. But when we got to the car, Daddy had said that since I’d been so good, I would get to have a treat when we got home.

Best afternoon ever.

And that had my cock trying to get hard again. Damned cock cage.

“All right. No more admiring yourself in the mirror. Time to go, B.”

“You have…you have the key, right?” I was proud of myself; it was a real question about it. No, not it…about the cock cage. Almost functional.

“Yes. And before we leave, I’m going to put the other on your keychain, in case.”

There were simple ones that didn’t have a lock, but Daddy had been firm. He wanted to be able to lock my special place so it would be just for him. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t hot. Thankfully, he didn’t make me say it. At least, not while I was in my regular headspace…we both knew I’d say a lot when I was really turned on and heading for subspace.

With nothing else to question, or pretend to search for, we headed out. There was another embarrassing discussion when we got to the car, but after assuring him that I could drive without being…distracted…he let me get behind the wheel.

I wasn’t distracted enough to ignore his driving; that was for sure.

“I was thinking this morning—”

I had to interrupt him. “That’s dangerous.”

He laughed but shook his finger at me like I was being naughty. “No, I’m serious. It’s about Mr. Haslet. I know we talked about heading back to school when we were there the other day, but did we want to go by there tomorrow after we pack? He’s not expecting us, but there’s a lot of stuff to be harvested. All those tomatoes are ripe.”

“It’s a good idea. He didn’t say to come back, but we should have time. Packing up the car won’t take that long. I’ve already got most of it organized.”

The plan was to pack the car Monday morning and then relax together for the rest of the day. Tuesday, we’d head out and drive back to school. As long as I thought of the planning and logistical part of going back, it wasn’t as overwhelming.

Mom asked if we wanted her to take Monday off, but it was a halfhearted offer. I think she already knew we wanted those last few hours together, just the two of us. Pushing away the emotions, I tried to go back to the practical things.

“Hey, I got a call earlier asking if we wanted to hang out with everyone before we go back. I politely declined.”

“Wow, you actually answered the phone?”

“Yup. And said no.”

Things hadn’t gotten better with everybody. Between Aaron’s incessant flirting and Matt and Zach’s nosy questions, we’d stopped doing anything with them. They’d kept calling, though. I’d gotten enough practice saying no that I was getting good at turning them down.

We’d thought it would be fun to have other people to hang out with this summer, but they were more stressful than we were willing to deal with. Other ways to spend our time were much more fun. And not only scenes and sex. Helping Mr. Haslet had taken up a lot of time. Mom hadn’t been kidding about the garden being too much work for him.

So between doing stuff around the house and helping out Mr. Haslet, we didn’t have crazy amounts of free time. Dodging everyone else while they hung out was almost a part-time job as well. Mad had finally explained that we had to listen to the messages and answer the phone to at least know where they were going to be so we didn’t go then too.

He was much more devious than I was.

Mom said it was nuts but then, between the two of us, she was the more confrontational one. She thought we should tell them our issues with everyone and walk away. Maddox probably thought so too, but he cautiously didn’t mention it.

I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to keep the explanation simple. And I didn’t think I was overreacting this time. No one was going to let us make a casual comment about Matt and Zach being too nosy without asking what they wanted to know. That was a question I wasn’t ready to answer. Those two might like oversharing but I didn’t.

Thankfully, Maddox knew me well enough to have realized that. What could I say? Daddy was perfect.

Our Perfect Puzzle by MA Innes - Gay Romance EBook Cover
Bryan knew going back to college would change things between him and Maddox, but he never expected how much.

With new living situations and problems, Bryan didn’t think his junior year would be so difficult. Going from the perfect summer with Maddox to a crazy roommate who doesn’t respect boundaries is pushing him to the edge. Can Maddox be his Daddy when there’s no place to play and no privacy to be themselves?

Maddox knew going back to college would change things between him and Bryan, but he never expected how much.

He’d spent the summer learning to be the perfect Dom and Daddy for Bryan, but when he can’t even find the privacy to give his boy the spanking he needs, things have to change. The only option seems radical, and he can’t see a way to make it work. Can he be Bryan’s Daddy if he can’t make things right for his baby?

Story Contains: M/m Sexual Content, mild BDSM, Age Play, Mild ABDL

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