Secret Santa Daddy Box Set : Seasons 1 – 3

This holiday season is full of secrets. Secret Daddies that is. With tales of kisses, cuddles, and holiday cheer, each Secret Santa Daddy book is a standalone and can be read in any order.

The Secret Santa Daddy collection contains my stories from the first three seasons of the Secret Santa Daddy series. No additional material has been added.

Best Present Ever?

Panic or laugh?

When Sidney opens his Secret Santa gift and finds a binkie and an oversized baby bottle full of his favorite chocolate, he knows someone at work has figured out his biggest secret. But when they go to great lengths to protect his privacy, he finds he’s more curious than scared.

Who’s his Secret Santa?

When the Christmas season shows two men they have more in common than they ever thought, they’re both left wondering if Santa has given them the best present ever…love.

36k word novella

Save Me Santa

“Save me, Santa. Please. I’ve been very good this year and I haven’t bought any toys in months.” (Shh…white lies are okay when spiders are involved.)

When a Christmas wish has a Secret Santa showing up to save the day, Brady knows he’s found the man, or possibly elf, of his dreams…until he gets accidentally poisoned and can’t remember his Christmas savior. But Santa comes to his rescue again when his Secret Santa rewards his good behavior with a new toy and a sweet letter. However, the one thing the note doesn’t tell him is the name of the man who saved the day.

Sometimes the holidays are stressful…and sometimes they’re magic.

53k word novel

The Christmas Mac-n-Cheese Mystery

Ruslan knows that the best student organization on campus is the Mac-n-Cheese Club…and that’s not just because he’s the professor in charge of it. He’s also a little and an expert in mac-n-cheese. But as the holidays approach, he’s found another reason to love the club…his new Secret Santa.

When a rigged game of Secret Santa helps a little open his eyes, it’ll take mac-n-cheese and a little romance to bring a stubborn cutie out of his shell.

67k word novel

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