Embracing His Submission

Embracing His Submission

A Standalone Femdom Story

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Embracing His Submission by Shaw Montgomery - Femdom Romance Ebook Cover

Sweet on the outside—naughty on the inside…

That’s what Samantha sees when she looks at Jonathan. He’s an innocent looking writer who’s cute and sexy—but she thinks there’s more to him that meets the eye. Samantha is never wrong and when she looks at Jonathan she knows her sexy writer wants more than he’s willing to admit.

She knows that what he really wants is to submit.

Jonathan has never met a woman quite like Samantha. She’s funny, sexy, and very open and honest about what she wants in a relationship—a man’s submission. It makes him nervous, but not in the way it should. Because what Jonathan wants more than anything is to submit.

But can he open up to her and honestly admit to what he wants or will his fears chase her away?

Story Contains: female domination, male submission, spankings, anal play, and a sweet author who writes dirty books

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