Your Mate

Evan isn’t known for his impulse control, but leaping before he looks hasn’t killed him yet.

When a fun new career path of the adult variety leads him directly into the arms…well, tentacles…of Aristotle, the sexiest film star he’s ever met, Evan knows his life will never be the same. Especially when the M word is mentioned before their first date…or their first heated scene. Mates.

Jumping headfirst into life isn’t always logical, but sometimes in life and in love, passion takes the reins.

Author's Note:

This is a standalone novella that takes place before the start of book one, but it is not intended to be a prequel to this series. This is the story of the internet couple that is viewed in several of the other books. It was originally released as part of the Tentacle Tales anthology. Nothing has been added for this re-release.