Yearning for Love

Yearning for Love

Age Play Box Set

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Yearning for Love by MA Innes - Age Play Stand Alone Box Set Ebook Cover

This box set contains three standalone age play romances that have previously been released separately.

Three different men.
Three similar secrets.
Sometimes sharing secrets is the only way to bring them into the light.

Secrets in the Dark:
Mason isn’t looking for Mr. Right…he isn’t even looking for Mr. Right-Now. What he wants in a man isn’t going to be found on a blind date or at a singles mixer. Because he’s looking for someone a little more unique…a little more take charge…a little more loving.

What Really Matters:
When you’ve been married for years, you aren’t supposed to pop up with a new and interesting kink. At least, that’s what Zac keeps telling himself. His husband Hunter is sweet, loving, and understanding, but he didn’t sign up for anything like what Zac wants to explore.

Curious Beginnings:
Mark has hidden from life for so long he wouldn’t even know how to begin to find love. But who could love someone like him? He’s broken. Defective.

Stories Contain: M/m sexual content, age play, diapers, and ABDL theme

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