Writing Even When I Thought No One Would Read It – Flashback Post About “His Little Man”

His Little Man…When I wrote this, I was sure no one would ever read it.

There were so many ideas running around in my head when I first started to write that I knew I would never do just one kind of story. As I got more comfortable with writing, some of the ideas that kept pulling at me were considered more taboo, like age play.

The problem was, the only MM age play books and most of the MF age play books I’d read were nothing like what was in my head. There were no mainstream MM authors writing age play or any of the other types of books I wanted to write.

I finally just charged in and decided to write the story I wanted and said I would just see what happened. Tim and Cade were so much fun to write about. Tim is shy and working up his confidence to try diapers for the first time. When his neighbor, Cade, overhears his pep talk it completely changes the way the sexy man sees his reserved neighbor.

I was utterly shocked when anyone bought it and I was even more shocked when I started getting emails and messages from people who appreciated sweeter age play. Those first readers gave me the push to keep going and helped build my confidence, which was sorely lacking at that point after a tough divorce and several moves.

You guys gave me the push to keep going and to see that I could succeed in having a writing career because I knew that if even a handful of people could appreciate how sweet age play could be, more were out there.

If you haven’t read my first age play book, His Little Man, it’s a cute, short read…and if you were one of the first people who read it, I just want to say thank you. Your excitement kept me going.

Share in the comments: What is your favorite part of age play stories?

His Little Man Part 1 by M.A. Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Tim has a secret. A secret, naughty fantasy that he’s never told anyone because it’s one that most people wouldn’t understand. However, when his sexy neighbor accidentally learns his deepest fantasy he won’t be able to hide from his desire any longer.

Story Contains: M/m sexual content, age play, diapers, and ABDL themes
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6 thoughts on “Writing Even When I Thought No One Would Read It – Flashback Post About “His Little Man”

  1. I love your age play books, it was a kink that I had never heard of! You write about fully dimensional characters in complex, emotional, caring relationships.Your books and your “men” are lovely to read . You are an exceptional writer, thank you for tackling this subject.

    1. Thank you! I was really expecting no one to read any of the first age play books and every sale was a wonderful shock to me. You guys have been so wonderful and I love all of you.

  2. My favorite part is the care they show each other. The dynamics, of course, are different for each person in the relationship but it’s the love, care and respect. Littles are just so darn adorable.

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