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Preston! Yesterday I started to figure out how his book will go. I’m hoping to get a lot done over the next two weeks and possibly have his book done by the end of the year. I know that most people don’t think of Christmas as a very productive time of year but my kiddos are going to be with their dad for the holidays so it’s going to be quiet around the house. As long as everything stays on track and Preston and his cutie Casey don’t argue too much then by the end of the year their book will be done.



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These guys are always so much fun to write…the plan is for their books to be up again shortly and for a 5th book to be out in Feb or March depending on when I can work it in.



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My surprise for Christmas turned out to be the prequel to The Accidental Master books. Writing about the first Christmas Cooper and Sawyer had on their own was sweet and touching. It made me curious to see what else my sweet pups will get up to in the future. There’s nothing definite planned for them right now, but for Valentine’s Day I’m going to have another free short about a couple starting to explore puppy play so you’ll have to wait and see what happens with them.


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I probably have enough on my plate lol but I’ve also recently started playing with another incest story…this time with a little different take than you might expect. Once I get through a few more chapters I’ll give you some more hints about what it’s going to be about. Coming up in the future I’m also going to be working on Jay’s book and I’ve been looking at some of my favorite side characters to see how their stories will look. I think it’s about time that we learned more about Dr. Sheppard and his policeman friend. 

21 thoughts on “WIP & Random Ideas

  1. Yes, Jay definitely needs a story, though hopefully he’ll have learned how to tone down the constant talking by the time his story starts! I like the idea of him kind of being a blank slate, because of his upbringing, and trying to figure himself and his sexuality out from ground zero. And I love the photo for him! Can’t wait for his story!

  2. I loved Nick and Kyle, read their story twice already. Just finished Hudson and Randall’s story. Do we get a peek at Wes?

  3. Do you have a date for the release of Master by Fate? I keep checking Amazon, but I’m never sure how long between work completion and publication is with editing and everything else in between. I’m just anxious to get back to the boys. LOL

      1. Ok….now…about that follow-up story? Lol
        Just love and miss them (unless I’m doing a re-read for the 10th or 11th time.) ?

  4. Are we going to be seeing Jeremy & Kevin again? Love love love these 2 brothers (husbands!) and would like to see how things are going for them.

  5. I was reading something else and your characters popped up. I was confused because it was a different author

  6. Are you going to write more AB books? Also, do you have any book recommendations in the genre because I find that most of them are not about real relationships? I loved unexpected!

  7. Hello,
    I just read Unconventional and loved it! I loved that it was focused on D/S this time. I was wondering if there are going to be anymore books with the Unexpected/Unconventional charachters? I really love the two couples. But if not them will there be any books with other people from the books, like Jay from their dorm, or people that they met at the BDSM meeting?


    1. I’m sorry I didn’t see the question. Yes the plan is for Jay to have his own book and I have a feeling the characters from Unexpected and Unconventional will show up again because Jay’s a bit confused at this point lol.

  8. LOVED “Family by Fate!” Thanks for more of the boys. I actually discovered the audio books for “Accidental Master” and “Master by Choice,” as well. THANK YOU for writing these wonderful characters.

  9. Ok…so I was reading some of your books and noticing all the crossover character, which I LOVE! In Unconventional, Bryan, Maddox, Jeremy, and Kevin are mentioned. I wanted to go back and see where they all met, but the Love series is no longer available on AmazonKindle and I can’t find “Too Close to Hide” anywhere. I read book 1, but not the next ones in the series. Can you please help?

  10. Yes, I am having the same problem. I can’t find where to get the Love series books. Please help, I loved the first one!

    1. Those have just gone up on the site. The new site is still a bit of a work in progress but you should be able to download the books now.

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