WIP & Random Ideas


I can’t tell you much about Brent because you haven’t met Garrett in book 1 yet. But what I can tell you is that he’s not your usual sub and the Dom he’s attracted to isn’t your usual Dom…His book is almost done but they’ve been stubborn lol. Done! So pleased to say Brent’s book is being edited and should be up for preorder soon.


Young Sexy Man Leaning on His Arms

I think this is Jay but I’m not 100% sure yet…He’s funny and wasn’t supposed to have his own story but he’s growing on me. You’ll met him later this summer and you’ll have to let me know if you think he needs a story.



Portrait of muscular young handsome man

Well, the brothers have popped up in some odd places lately. They’re in Bryan and Maddox’s third and forth stories and are making an appearance in the Christmas book that will be out in November. After that, I’m hoping to get back to them this fall. 



Do you remember Nathan’s friend Eric? His book is about 30k words done and I’m going to get back to it next week and hopefully get it finished at the beginning of October. It should be out in November. He’s so sweet and so much fun to write. He’s even got a little cameo in the Christmas book although he doesn’t get his own story. 


My grocery store boys! They’re done and editing is almost finished. The book even has a title. It’s the first in a new series…Beautiful Shame. Nick and Kyle are so cute and go at it like rabbits from page one. The heat level is off the charts in this book but they’re addicting. I had so much fun writing about them, they’re getting a place in the Christmas book. (What do you think of Kyle here?)

13 thoughts on “WIP & Random Ideas

  1. Yes, Jay definitely needs a story, though hopefully he’ll have learned how to tone down the constant talking by the time his story starts! I like the idea of him kind of being a blank slate, because of his upbringing, and trying to figure himself and his sexuality out from ground zero. And I love the photo for him! Can’t wait for his story!


    • Thank you. I can’t wait to be able to start planning out his story and getting to know who he is and what he needs. He’s going to be fun.


    • I have no idea yet lol I’ve got a few projects I want to finish up first and then I might see about coming back to some fun side characters who need their own story


  2. Do you have a date for the release of Master by Fate? I keep checking Amazon, but I’m never sure how long between work completion and publication is with editing and everything else in between. I’m just anxious to get back to the boys. LOL


    • I”m glad you like them. Thank you. The final edits for Master by Fate just got done today and it will be out early to mid Aug…I’m thinking either the 10th or 17th.


  3. Are we going to be seeing Jeremy & Kevin again? Love love love these 2 brothers (husbands!) and would like to see how things are going for them.


    • Yes I’ve started planning out their next book already…they’re so much fun to write about…I’m glad you like them! Thank you


  4. Are you going to write more AB books? Also, do you have any book recommendations in the genre because I find that most of them are not about real relationships? I loved unexpected!


    • My next book, What Really Matters, started out as a free short but I extended it out to a full book. It is age play and they’re a really cute couple. It will release on October 11th.


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