Where Do My Ideas Come From?

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A question I get a lot is how I get book ideas. I’ve shared some of the random ways I’ve started books in the past. For example, Secrets in the Dark was a line in a song I heard on the radio and I started wondering why they were in the dark.

Sometimes it’s just random starts of dialogue.

And I truly mean random.

So I thought I’d share a few of the starts that are up on my computer right now.

#1 (no idea who this is)

“You don’t understand. I’m supposed to be hanging out with a guy named Matt who’s been showing me how to fix up my house. There has to be a Matt or she’s going to know I hired someone to fix my house. I’m not dealing with her crazy and I don’t care what it takes. This is a fucking hardware store. There has to be someone who can fix shit and pretend to be Matt.”

#2 (this drama queen is pouting because his roommate didn’t get him his gummy vitamin)

“You’re not taking care of me.”

#3 (this guy is a drama queen but I can’t decide if he’s the Dom or the sub)

“I’m not the one who put the fucking grease down the goddamned drain! I grew up in the South for fuck’s sake. Does this accent scream city boy to you? It’s the first law of southern cooking. Don’t pour grease down the drain. The second one is thou shall not throw out bacon grease and the third is thou shall not throw out Cool Whip containers. This is not rocket science.”

So yeah, sometimes there’s just a random line of dialogue that pops up while I’m doing the strangest things. Sometimes I know what sparked it (like for grease guy) but sometimes it’s just random, like the guy who’s looking for Matt.

My computer is full of all kinds of random ideas. Some will stay just short clips that my brain will wander away from and some will end up as full books like A Rubber Ducky Kind of Day. Eventually I’m going to track down all the weirdly saved Word docs where more of these are hiding, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that.

Which one is your favorite? Are you curious about any of them?

6 thoughts on “Where Do My Ideas Come From?

  1. LOL!! I want them all as usual but the one that really triggers my curiosity is #1 I want to see what happens next with Matt!!?

    1. LOL someone from the county came to my door lecturing everyone on my street not to pour grease down the sink. I was like duh. Then the new character popped up and was highly offended.

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