When the Storm Comes

Donovan’s day just keeps getting worse.

It might not have been the zombie apocalypse, but a tsunami and hurricane hitting the East Coast at the same time was definitely the start to a bad B-movie. Alone and doing his best to run from the impending wall of water that was only hours away, Donovan thought his day couldn’t get any worse. It could. Now he had a tsunami, a hurricane, and Trey…bad things definitely came in threes.

Trey’s day was finally looking up.

Stranded at home with his baby sister as chaos ensues was not how he was expecting to spend his morning, but then comes Donovan to the rescue. When his cute frenemy pulls up outside his house to rescue them from the impending storm, all Trey can think about is one thing…Donovan.

When an uptight cutie is trapped with a flirt who loves to make his new BFF blush, the storm brewing between them becomes the most powerful of all.

Author's Note:

When the Storm Comes is a lighthearted take on an impending disaster. I promise that Donovan’s biggest fear is going to be guessing what’s in Trey’s clearly naughty duffel bag and how to deal with the smiling bomb in the back seat (aka a baby). The first book is a slow burn with lots of teasing and a bit of BDSM, but it will heat up in book two, When the Clouds Part.

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