When the Clouds Part

When the Clouds Part

Book 2 in the Trouble Comes in Threes Series

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When the Clouds Part by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Starting over should’ve been Donovan’s biggest concern after the tsunami and hurricane that changed his life completely. However, instead of being able to focus on his future and rebuilding his life, he’s left with a thousand questions. What comes next? What does a baby need? And most importantly…what does he think about the surprising new side of himself Trey brings out in him?

Trey knew there were more important things he should be focusing on…but the only thing that he can think about is Donovan. Well, his cute dork and the thousand questions he can’t answer. Like, where is his mother? Is college still what he should be focused on? What will Donovan’s parents think? And even scarier ones…like what makes a family?

With their world in limbo, it doesn’t take long for everything to boil down to one simple question. How do you know when you’ve fallen in love?

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