What’s Coming Up for Shaw Montgomery and MA Innes in 2022?

What’s coming up for 2022? I think a better question is what isn’t coming up!

The people in my head are all jumping around, ready for a chance to tell their story, and I’ve got three different books I’m working on right now.

The list of stuff I want to write this year is growing by the day…

So far I know I’m going to have a few more age play stories, specifically A Milkshake Kind of Morning, which will be out later in January, and another one in the same series for the cutie that bought coffee for the lawyers in Skyler’s book.

I’m also working on a disaster book that’s so much fun to write, and I can’t wait to show you how it’s coming along.

And I’m making good progress on a new incest book that’s going to be book one in a three-book series. But don’t worry, I’m not leaving Kevin and Jeremy behind…they want another book as well this year.

Also on the list is Bishop (he showed up as a side character at the end of the Leashes & Lace books and in the last Beautiful Shame book). I think he’s going to need several books, honestly. So I’ve penciled in a three-book series for him.

There are also going to be some fun surprises this year as well as another tentacle book, so when I add in working on Aubrey and Lincoln’s book, it’s already a fairly full writing schedule.

But I’m positive there will be a lot more popping up and demanding to be written.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to need more hours in the day this year or maybe more months in the year, but I can’t wait to see how they all turn out.

Comment below which book you’re most looking forward to this year.

12 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up for Shaw Montgomery and MA Innes in 2022?

  1. Umm I’m going with all of them lol. Though if I have to pick just one it’s Jeremy and Kevin. If I had the time to spare I’d give it to you.

  2. Is all of them a valid answer? If not then any age play books (because we know where my heart lies) and the disaster book would have to be joint first (with the others all very close joint seconds!).

  3. Kevin/Jeremy (and Bryan/Maddox)’s a Loving series (since I’ve long since out the idea in my head that the series is for all four of them now) are gonna want a continuous never ending story 😀 I think they’ll want a new book or two every year 😉

  4. ALL..I am rereading or just reading for the first time most of your books. I just finished the main books for the omega’s having download issue do to internet connection for the prequel. I think I will start bashfull series next since you have a new tentical book coming. Thanks for such enjoy full stories. I do most of my reading via Audible or text to speech driving being a Truck Driver they become my family and friends. Nsk

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