What’s Coming in 2024?

I love that you guys have started messaging me and finding the cutest ways to ask about what’s coming up next year. It makes me smile and it makes the crazy number of hours I’ve spent pouring over the calendar the past month worth it.

So thank you.

And as part of my thanks, I wanted to give you a look at what should be coming out in the first quarter of next year and what I’m hoping to get done later in the year.

Starting in January, we’re going to have a story about the L and L pups, Ender’s Curiosity. It’s the beginning of a series of standalone stories about the pups at Leashes and Lace, and it starts out with two cuties who’ve been watching them from across the street. (If you want a preview, the WIP chapters are being shared on my Patreon for tiers 2 and 3.)

We’re going to get to see more of the guys from Leashes and Lace in this series, and eventually, we’ll get to meet more of the pups in another photo shoot or two. But we’ll have to see how all that unfolds.

In February, the third dragon book is coming out. Sparkles and Scowls is MMM and it’s Lorne’s turn for a book. Let me just say he’s a handful and he’s driving his mates crazy. I can’t wait to show you more about this one. (This one is already on preorder.)

Also in February, we’re going to have the next Too Close book. It doesn’t have a title yet, but I’ve already started writing it. The book opens with Kevin running through the house calling out that he didn’t do it and Bryan trying to catch him. So we’ll have to see what happens next. These guys are just so much fun to write about.

March has the extended version of Daddy’s Little Sunshine (my Schwan man and his cutie). It was originally a novella in one of the Dirty Daddy Anthologies in 2023 and you guys said in the Facebook group that you wanted to see a longer version of this story.

March also might have a novella. I’m working on a few ideas but I’m not one hundred percent sure who this will be about yet. The timing just works out right to do something for one of the pups or something like that.

April is going to have the fourth dragon book. I think this is going to be Alick’s story but sometimes they surprise me.

This is what I have planned with tentative release dates and notes in my calendar, but I’ve got a lot more sketched out in what I think is going to happen. Like the three guys from the apartment (with the one who sings in the shower) should get their duet in June and July.

We’re going to get more from the dragons and more from the omegas this year. I’m also working on a surprise with another author for later this year, as well as things like Aubrey and Lincoln’s story, and some fun stuff next fall.

I think the list is manageable this year and Sage has been really good at looking at the plans and asking me “Is this reasonable” because sometimes I have the writer’s version of the my eyes are bigger than my stomach problem. And in this case, too many plans and not enough time give me a ton of anxiety not just a too-full stomach.

So fingers crossed I haven’t given myself too much to do because I love everything on the list next year and I can’t wait to see how the books turn out.

Oh, and don’t worry, I’ve got several other work-in-progress stories open on my computer like the last book for TC and Perry. I just haven’t figured out a release date for them yet. So just because it’s not listed out here doesn’t mean I forgot about a story I’ve promised to get done.

Share in the Comments: What are you looking forward to the most?

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  1. omg yes! I’m soooooo looking forward to Aubrey’s story! Thank you for putting him on your list this year!

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