Wesley knows life isn’t always easy.

Agoraphobia and depression might have taken up most of his teenage years, but Wesley hasn’t let that stop him. It’s just made reaching his goals a little harder. But when everything he’s ever wanted is right in front of him, Wesley has to decide if he’s got the courage to take that final leap.

Tyler knows life doesn’t always go as planned.

When Tyler gets talked into doing a photo shoot with a nervous model who’s never done a traditional shoot, he’s a bit worried he’s gotten in over his head. Just because he’s good with nervous subs and high-strung models doesn’t mean he’s the right person to work with the captivating man with a tragic past…or does it?

When getting the perfect photos leads to mixed signals and misunderstandings, it will take more than just chemistry and lingerie to help them learn to trust each other…and themselves.