How does an omega know when it’s time to live again?

Pulling away from all the reminders of his husband was the only way Wade survived his alpha’s passing, but time and the love of his friends helped heal the once immeasurable wounds. However, coming out of his grief has left him new pains. Left with an empty house and an ache to submit, Wade can’t help wanting to belong to someone completely again. But is he ready to move on?

How does an alpha know when it’s time to reach for the love he’s always wanted?

After the death of his friend, Griffin stepped away from the only man he’d ever loved—the only one he could never have. Time apart from the sweet omega who’d always made him smile hasn’t dimmed his feelings, but it isn’t until he sees the beautiful man submitting to another that he realizes, once again, he might have missed his chance at love.

When the pull to submit meets the push to dominate, sparks fly, but it’s love and tenderness that will finally give them the confidence to move forward together.

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