Too Close to Deny Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Should I?

Shouldn’t I?

It was a classic dilemma…let the subs tackle the Dom or save the Dom.

Whose side was I supposed to be rooting for?

Part of me said to save Maddox from being tickled and tortured because I was fairly certain I was supposed to side with the Dom, but when they were lying on top of him, wiggling and pinning him to the floor, I wasn’t so sure he wanted to be saved.

Kevin grasped that point first.

I could see the moment the dirty humor flashed in his eyes as he wiggled against Maddox, but it took Bryan a bit longer. Once he realized they were turning Maddox on, his eyes got wide and he collapsed into a heap, half on Maddox and half on Kevin. “Daddy…”

Maddox just grinned at his slightly shocked tone and gave him a quick kiss. “Naughty boy.”

The naughty boy in question blushed, hiding his face against Maddox’s chest. “You started it.”

Quite possibly.

I was just shaking my head and watching the drama unfold as Kevin glanced over at me to make sure we were good. Whatever he saw had him grinning and wiggling a bit more against Maddox. I had a feeling he was testing the waters, curious to see what the other Dom would do.

It was a good question.

The way both boys got a quick spank set the tone fairly well.

Maddox was in charge no matter which one was trying to push his buttons.

“Naughty boys.” Each one got a kiss on the head as he sat up, though. “What would Santa think?”

That he deserved whatever mischief they got up to in revenge.

“Santa doesn’t believe in teasing.” Bryan’s pout was very well done, but it was the way he wiggled closer and laid his head on Maddox’s shoulder that sealed the deal. “It’s not nice.”

My favorite part of the whole bit was when he tried to discreetly wave Kevin closer to cuddle and manipulate the Dom from the other side. Kevin being Kevin scooted closer without a thought and sighed as he stroked Maddox’s chest in time with Bryan’s. “We’ve been very good today.”

It was impressive.

And sexy, but I wasn’t going to point that out at the moment.

Maddox couldn’t seem to decide if he wanted to laugh, moan, or apologize to me. He finally attempted to sound stern. “Don’t think I can’t tell when I’m being manipulated.”

Kevin grinned, aiming for cute but looking mischievous. “Is it working?”

“Yes.” Maddox gave both of them cheek kisses before pausing, drawing out the excitement again. “You have friends coming over who want to have a Christmas sleepover so Santa only has to stop at one house.”

Their eyes went cartoon wide and they both gaped at the idea.

Kevin’s brain was the first to come back online.

He panicked.

“Wait. I only made enough penises for Santa.” Scrambling to get to his feet, Kevin looked like a chicken with his head cut off. “I don’t have enough cum for company.”

God, he’d made penis cookies for Santa.

I was going to kill Michelle.

“Hurry. You have to help with the cum.” Thankfully that seemed to be aimed at Bryan who still looked slightly shocked after their tickling session. “You can’t set that on fire.”

Kevin grabbed Bryan’s hand before his partner in crime could protest the fire comment. “Hurry. We have to get more penises in the oven and then we can finish opening the grown-up presents.”
So penises took precedence over Christmas gifts?

As Kevin dragged Bryan upstairs, presumably toward the kitchen to torture everyone with dirty Christmas cookies, I frowned. “Is he allowed to serve penises to his friends when they’re little? Should I call someone to double-check that?”

Maddox scoffed, studying the stairs the boys had just run up like their feet were on fire. “A better question is who did he think was supposed to eat the penis cookies later?”

“Well, if the cum is cream cheese flavored, then me, but now I don’t know if he’s going to share.” He’d been playing with cookie recipes for weeks and those had been my favorite by far. They were almost like the squishy cookies they sold at the store but with more flavor.

Shaking his head, Maddox was trying not to laugh. “I can’t believe his first thought was worrying about penises.”

Rolling my eyes, I leaned back on my hands. “Really? After all that wiggling and humping? Of course, his first thought was about a penis.”

Maddox’s expression was bouncing between wanting to laugh and a hint of nervousness. “They started it?”

Snorting, now I was the one launching myself at the ridiculous Dom. “Of course.”

He laughed, worry fading from his eyes as I pinned him to the floor. “See, not my fault.”

“Sure, keep saying that.” Giving him a quick peck just to chase the last of the nervousness from his eyes, I decided the boys were right, he was comfy. “I saw all that wiggling and dirty leers. You were seducing them both with laughter.”

Barking out a laugh, he wrapped his arms around me. “It seems I only caught another Dom, though. I should probably throw him back and try again.”

“I’m not a fish.” With one last kiss, I rolled off him and stretched out beside him on the floor. “That was the wigglers upstairs.”

His grin was back, looking as silly as ever. “Did you see Bryan’s face?”

“Did you see Kevin’s?” I wasn’t sure if I wanted to shake my head or laugh. “He was thoroughly enjoying testing the waters.”

Maddox rolled over, resting his head in his hand as he looked down at me. “He checked to make sure you were okay with it first.”

My troublemaker wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, but it was clear he was curious about a few things…primarily giving Bryan a bath and seeing how he felt about Maddox.

“Yeah, and then wiggled again to see what you would do.” At some point fairly quickly I was going to have to figure out if he’d been teasing or actually testing the waters to see if Maddox would react to him.

For the most part, all of Kevin’s curiosity had been focused on Bryan, either driving him nuts or exploring his little side. However, it seemed like after his talk with Maddox, kneeling and just having the other Dom take control, he was starting to see him in a different way.

It had ideas percolating in my head, but I wasn’t sure what would be a good next step for them. Pushing it away for the time being, I decided to take a page from Kevin’s playbook and gave Maddox another kiss.

As he grinned, I sat up and looked around. “Alright. What is the plan for the sleepover?”

Chaos would descend quickly, and so far, we had nothing organized.

“Get set up and play with the toys. Watch Christmas movies and eat penis cookies. Chase them to bed so they’re ready for Santa.” Sitting up, Maddox frowned as he looked around the room. “It’s the bed part I’m struggling with. If they sleep down here that’s going to make Santa coming a lot more difficult.”

That was a very good point.

“Okay, how about they spend the bulk of the party down here, cookies and movies and the like, but for sleeping, we break them up into groups? Some in the living rooms, some in the playrooms, and then either Doms down here or no one down here.” I glanced back at Maddox to see him nodding.

“That could work.” Looking toward the stairs, he frowned. “And depending on how the littles want to work it, staying together or staying with their Daddy, we have enough space to spread everyone out.”

Between the two living rooms and two playrooms, he was right. It might be tight if all the littles wanted to squeeze into just the playroom, but we’d figure it out.

“Okay, good plan.” Standing up, I looked at the tree. “I’ll clean up the wrapping paper. You hide the baby monitor so that doesn’t cause drama or shenanigans, and then we’ll drag out the extra blankets and pillows for them to use during the movies.”

According to Maddox, everyone who was coming was supposed to have already eaten dinner and their Daddies had their toys ready for Santa to bring tonight. It’d be chaos in the morning, but it would be fun.

It would also be a good distraction to give the boys time to figure out what they wanted and if the baby monitor was going back or staying.

Some decisions in life were difficult.


“Okay, I’m just laying it out here right now. I’m not giving Kevin fireworks. There aren’t enough doe eyes or sexual bribes in the world to make me agree to that.” Trent always had a low-key don’t fuck with me vibe, so sometimes it was hard to tell when he was joking.

Sadly, this was not one of those times.

Even holding some kind of pink princess backpack and matching sleeping bag didn’t diminish his badass personality.

It was impressive actually, and nothing I would ever be able to emulate, so my brain jumped back to what he’d said as he leaned against the doorframe.

“Kevin wants fireworks?” If the troublemaker hadn’t already dragged Hailey upstairs, I’d have killed him…after questioning him, of course.

Maddox wasn’t any help, just giggling as Trent glared at us both.

“I think it was Bryan’s mother actually, but some things probably got lost in the weird game of telephone.” Trent’s helpful answer didn’t make me feel any better.

“What the fuck would they need fireworks for?” Before anything logical or even ridiculous came to mind, Trent and Maddox quickly answered.

Trent rolled his eyes. “Thanksgiving.”

Maddox managed to get it out while nearly giggling. “Thanksgiving.”


I wasn’t going to ask why that was so obvious.

“I will handle Michelle.” It was obvious that Maddox should not be trusted with that responsibility.

Glaring at the still-laughing Dom, I sighed. “Really? We’re taking one-upping them that seriously?”

As Maddox laughed and nodded, Trent shrugged. “I’m not saying we can’t have the best. I’m just saying I’m not giving Kevin anything that explodes.”

His limits were always fascinating.

“Yes. No exploding anything and we’re going to keep Thanksgiving reasonable next year.” The two insane Doms both pouted, leaving me shaking my head. “Fine. We can discuss what reasonable means, but nothing insane like fireworks or petting zoos or hiring the circus.”

I couldn’t think of anything else to ban right off the bat, but something about the feisty spark in Trent’s eyes said I should’ve kept listing ideas. “That’s fair.”

Maddox’s snickers said he realized the problem as well.

Telling myself Thanksgiving was too far away to worry about now, I finally remembered to step back from the door. “Come in. Sorry.”

Trent shrugged, not offended since he’d been the one to distract me. “It’s fine.”

I shut the door as he came into the living room, pointing to the couch. “You can set that stuff down on the couch. We’re not sure about the sleeping arrangements yet. Was your plan to stick together or does Hailey want the full sleepover insanity experience?”

Trent’s sigh didn’t answer my question. “That’s still up for debate.”

Yep, another non-answer.

I wasn’t sure if they just hadn’t decided or if the fireworks situation had made him nervous about trusting Kevin with his boy, but either way, I knew we’d figure it out eventually. “Okay. You want coffee or anything? Ryland and Finn are upstairs already. Beckett and Holden had to run some last-minute errands. Cody is going to be late. He was working on taking over the world or something.”

It’d been a long, complicated text about something I thought had to do with space and made no sense at all. But he was excited and said they’d come over when he finished and when he got dressed.

I wasn’t sure if that meant in clothes or his dinosaur costume, but either way, it wouldn’t matter around here.

“Hayden said last week it was something about trying to figure out why so many people were trying to hack the IRS.” Trent gave us a look like we were somehow responsible for this nonsense. “Cody was hoping we’d heard what was going on.”

Maddox and I both shrugged.

“He’s weird.” That declaration had him shifting to another topic. “No coffee, thanks, but if you’ve got iced tea or something? Water would be fine too.”

“No problem.” As I headed into the kitchen to get everyone a drink, Maddox sat down in one of the chairs Kevin swore had some kind of name.

They were talking about work and just bullshitting as I came back, handing Trent a glass of tea and Maddox some water. The relaxed conversation continued until giggles came floating through the house.

Trent looked up at the ceiling and got an odd, almost confused look on his face. “So what’s the plan tonight? Hayden was beyond excited, but lacking on some of the specifics.”
Hadn’t Maddox told him when he’d invited them?

A flash across Maddox’s face said he thought he had too, but he played along. “Playtime. Finn is supervising at the moment because Rylan was struggling with how excited he was.”

That was a little who could use a drink some days.

“Then cookies and movies downstairs. We’ve found a handful of Christmas ones that they can choose from and then get everyone to bed.” Maddox gestured around the living room and then toward the rest of the house. “There’s plenty of space to spread out. We just can’t have the littles downstairs because that will make Santa coming very difficult.”

Trent finally chuckled as he nodded, but he was still looking at us weirdly. “That’s it?”

What the fuck was wrong with him today?

“That’s the plan. What else were you thinking?” They were littles, not actual five-year-olds we had to watch every second.

Trent glanced back and forth between us before finally shrugging and glaring. “I wasn’t sure how to ask, but I guess I’ll just throw it out there. Whose penis is Hayden supposed to be taste testing and what does that mean exactly?”


Okay, I was starting to understand his odd looks.

Maddox was back to giggling, so I decided it was my turn to get this one. “Cookies. It’s cookies.”

God, how did conversations with Trent always come down to explaining ridiculous shit? “They’re basically soft sugar cookies shaped like penises. He might’ve ended up with two batches which is what the taste testing is probably about.”

What else would he want to know?

“Oh, and the cum is cream cheese icing. They’re beyond vulgar and I’m not sure we should be serving them to littles.” There was no way to downplay that. “But he’s ridiculously excited because Bryan’s mother gave the cookie cutters to him in a set. We’ve had penis-shaped lasagna tonight and mini penis-shaped cheesecakes.”

Maddox decided to be helpful. “Don’t forget the rolls.”

Yes, couldn’t forget that.

Trent just looked back and forth at us for a few long moments. “You know, the best thing about you guys is how nice and open you are, but the second-best thing is how fucking normal you make me feel.”

It was always good to be helpful.

I decided I’d figure out how to respond to that statement once Maddox stopped laughing.

Too Close to Deny by MA Innes - Gay Romance Taboo Book Cover
Sometimes Santa brings toys and sometimes he brings confidence that leads to curious questions.

Driving everyone crazy is supposed to be Kevin’s role in their unconventional family, but with Bryan’s fears fading and his questions mounting after their visit to the Bound & Controlled club, he’s turning the tables on Kevin. But everyone knows that questions lead to thoughts and thoughts lead to wicked plans…wicked plans that might change everything.

When Daddy Jeremy comes to play and Master Maddox comes up with a naughty date, it just might be time to shake up the status quo, letting the love and trust they have in each other shine through this holiday season.

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