Their Fears Don’t Hold Them Back – An Atypical Love Now Available!

An Atypical Love is live and Rohan and Dayton are finally here. I love seeing how their chemistry develops from a spark and the excitement of finding someone that wants to get to know them into a real relationship with depth and love.

They’ve both had some tough situations when it’s come to dating, Rohan is asexual and Dayton has a nerve condition that limits the kind of play he can participate in. But they’ve still got a good sense of humor about their drama and are both open to love.

They haven’t let themselves get bogged down with their past and I love how they both can still feel the spark of something special when they first meet. They don’t let fears hold them back and I think that’s one of my favorite things about them separately and as a couple.

I can’t wait to show you how cute these two are and I’m so excited to give you a glimpse of what Jackson and his pups have been up to. (Cooper always loves making new friends and asking nosy questions lol)

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An Atypical Love by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Rohan can’t quite decide if letting his friend Conner play matchmaker is the smartest thing he’s ever done or the stupidest. As an asexual Dom who’s never quite found Mr. Right, after a string of misses, even he’s starting to admit it might be time to let the crazy owner of Bound & Controlled steer the show.

Dayton knows he shouldn’t trust Conner when he has that look on his face, but when the wicked sub promises him Mr. Right, common sense goes right out the window. But with most Doms at the club
being too scared of hurting him to let him submit, he’s crossing his fingers and hoping that love and domination are finally in the air.

Sometimes finding Mr. Right is easy and sometimes he’s wrapped in an unconventional package…but love will always find a way.

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