The Shy Boy and the Newbie Daddy – Pre-Order Brave Now!

Charlie’s coming!

“Who’s Charlie?” should not be your first question because he’s the cutie from the omegaverse club playroom. I know you’ve read about those guys and how much fun the littles from the club are. Yep, no question there. You remember Charlie.

You also remember how shy he is and how he’s a little bit dramatic when it comes to getting attention over things like booboos. You also remember how sweet he was when he started getting to know Gideon (another little at the club that you remember…from Bashful).

Well, a new Dom has come to the playroom to meet the littles and he’s very curious about the nervous sub who has very firm views on coloring. Ansel hasn’t been a Daddy before and hadn’t even thought about it being an option until he sees Gideon and Jarrett together around the club. Once Jarrett starts explaining about the littles and age play, well, Ansel is very curious.

I can’t wait for you guys to meet these two and for you to see how cute Charlie is. Brave is now up on preorder and will release on July 14th.

If you haven’t read about the omegas before I would suggest reading Bashful first at the very least. I’m trying to make this as standalone as possible but I think it would help everything to make the most sense.

Of course, the Romance & Revolution series (the main series of my omegaverse) is so much fun to read and those best friends get up to the most ridiculous things once alcohol is involved. So definitely check them out if you like best friends who are wonderful together and sexy Doms who think their subs are hilarious.

Brave will go live on July 14th but if you’re a member of my Patreon, the higher tiers get early access to unedited WIP (work-in-progress) chapters of the new books I’m working on.

Anyone can check out chapter 1 by clicking here.

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Brave by MA Innes  - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Charlie’s got a problem—well, two if you count his helpful and overly enthusiastic protector, Austin—but being painfully shy is the biggest one since most Daddies seem to feel being able to communicate is an important part of asking someone out. Who knew? But when panicking is his default response, most alphas don’t wait around long enough to see the naughty omega that’s hiding just under the surface.

Ansel’s got a problem. He has no idea how to be a Daddy or how to get to know the painfully shy cutie who’s dramatically adorable when it comes to boo-boos. Unfortunately, wide eyes and a firm belief about which crayons are best aren’t enough to build a relationship…or let Ansel know if the sweet sub considers him Daddy material.

When a new Daddy and a shy little meet, it will take patience and a nosy protector to help a sweet sub find the confidence to come out of his shell.

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