The Princess Little & His Schwan’s Daddy – Pre-Order Dirty Daddies Pride 2023 Anthology Now!

The Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology for 2023 is up on preorder, and I’m so excited that I finally get to talk to you about my story for the anthology.

If you’re in the Facebook group, you might’ve seen me talking about my Schwan man. Schwan’s is a food delivery company that brings around ice cream and prepared meals in what looks like an ice cream truck. My Schwan man is such a cutie and the sweetest Daddy kind of guy, so he had to get a story…and he had to get the cutest little ever.

So I gave him Addison.

Addison is the “princess little” who was Emerson’s waiter in Owners& Dolls. When he’s not stunned stupid, he’s delightful and sparkly and funny…and he’s head over heels for his Schwan man.

Tate is a sweet Daddy kind of guy who doesn’t know he’s a natural Daddy until Addison starts word-vomiting all over the place when he tries to ask Tate out on a date.

Addison’s asking doesn’t go quite as planned but Tate thinks he’s delightful and would love to date the sweet cutie…once he figures out what Addison means when he calls himself a little and says he’s looking for a Daddy.

But Google comes to the rescue because you can figure out anything online…and I just love that Tate jumps head-first into figuring out what Addison needs.

I can’t wait to show you my Schwan man and his cute sunshine.

Tate, Addison, and the rest of the cuties in the anthology will be live on June 30th.

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Dirty Daddies Pride 2023Blurb:

These Daddies take Pride in being dirtier than ever.

Love has no limits or restrictions in this collection of stories from some of the hottest authors in the Daddy genre.
No matter how these Daddies or their little ones identify, they’ll find their happily ever afters inside these pages.

And you’ll need a dip in the pool to cool off after reading this smoking hot anthology!

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