The Oblivious Professor and the Younger Daddy – The Christmas Mac-n-Cheese Mystery Now Available!

Ruslan, Dante, and the mac-n-cheese are finally here.

The Secret Santa Daddy series is back and the books are sweet and funny and perfect for Christmas.

Mine is The Christmas Mac-n-Cheese Mystery and it takes place at the college with some fun new characters. The idea is based on a club at my son’s college. I knew I had to find a place for it in a book somewhere and this just seemed perfect.

Ruslan is one of the professors in charge of the Mac-n-Cheese Club on campus and he’s slightly oblivious to all the attention he gets from students…especially the adorably mischievous Dante from one of the master’s programs.

This book has a slightly clueless little with a thing for mac-n-cheese, a younger Daddy who loves to cook, and some fun new friends. I can’t wait for you to meet these two. Have fun with them and I hope this is the start to a great holiday season for you all.

Check out the first chapter if you’re curious.

The Christmas Mac-n-Cheese Mystery by MA Innes- Gay Romance Book Cover

Ruslan knows that the best student organization on campus is the Mac-n-Cheese Club…and that’s not just because he’s the professor in charge of it. He’s also a little and an expert in mac-n-cheese. But as the holidays approach, he’s found another reason to love the club…his new Secret Santa.

Dante knows that the best student organization on campus is the Mac-n-Cheese Club because it’s led him to the most adorable little ever…and the most clueless. So when flirting isn’t helpful in the slightest, he knows it’s time to bring in the heavy hitter…Santa.

When a rigged game of Secret Santa helps a little open his eyes, it’ll take mac-n-cheese and a little romance to bring a stubborn cutie out of his shell.

Warning: This story has so much mac-n-cheese in it you probably should stock up before reading it.

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