The New Neighbors Series

Aliens landing and asking for asylum was supposed to be the plot of a sci-fi movie, not a sexy romance that’s hotter than anything on cable. But when the Doms are sweet, curious, and nearly psychic, maybe Mr. Right has tentacles.

Each book in this series is a standalone, but they’re best read in order.

Your Mate

Evan isn’t known for his impulse control, but leaping before he looks hasn’t killed him yet.

When a fun new career path of the adult variety leads him directly into the arms…well, tentacles…of Aristotle, the sexiest film star he’s ever met, Evan knows his life will never be the same. Especially when the M word is mentioned before their first date…or their first heated scene. Mates.

Jumping headfirst into life isn’t always logical, but sometimes in life and in love, passion takes the reins.

Author's Note:

This is a standalone novella that takes place before the start of book one, but it is not intended to be a prequel to this series. This is the story of the internet couple that is viewed in several of the other books. It was originally released as part of the Tentacle Tales anthology. Nothing has been added for this re-release.

My Cameron

He knows better…but he can’t help himself.

Dating someone who lives next door is a disaster waiting to happen. Cameron knows better than to agree to date the sexy new alien that’s moved into his apartment building. Just because George is confident and persistent doesn’t mean it would be a good idea. It also doesn’t mean that George understands what Cameron is really looking for in a partner…a Dom who can push him right to the edge.

Aliens landing and asking for asylum was supposed to be the plot of a sci-fi movie, not a sexy romance that’s hotter than anything on cable. But maybe the Dom of his dreams won’t come in the package Cameron always expected. Maybe Mr. Right has tentacles.

Author's Note:

While the heat level in this story is higher than some of my books, and there are tentacles involved, it is very much a sweet romance at heart.

His Human

All Trip wants is the man of his dreams. If that guy comes with tentacles and an interesting sense of humor, that’s even better.

When Trip meets Mr. Right—who’s actually more like Mr. Sexy With Tentacles—at the grocery store, of all places, he’s expecting fun and hoping for a bit of domination if he’s lucky. But the one thing he isn’t expecting is for the sexy alien with a passion for control and taking care of his new human to essentially move in.

As one date turns into something more than either of the men had planned, it might take a few old friends to step in and open their eyes to what’s been in front of them the whole time…love.

Their Alien

Taking chances isn’t one of Nolan’s strong suits…and neither is going after what he wants. But when his new friendship with Trip and Maverick shows him the courage he didn’t realize he had, he knows it’s time to confront his slightly uptight boyfriend, Reid, and go after what he’s always wanted…a Daddy.

Reid realizes there’s no more dodging Nolan’s not-so-subtle hints about BDSM, but that doesn’t mean he knows what to do about it. As he looks at his sweet boyfriend, all he does know is that he’d do anything to make him happy…and anything to keep him safe. Even if that means finding Nolan a Daddy…a Tentacle Daddy.

When love and acceptance become a rock and a hard place, sometimes it takes a new perspective and a few tentacles to find the way forward.

My Little Human

Weirdest munch ever.

Dane isn’t expecting much from the mostly straight munch he’s somehow ended up at. As awkward encounters turn into a boring meet-and-greet, he’s ready to escape when the most interesting Daddy in the room sets eyes and tentacles on him.

When an earnest new Daddy and a slightly confused little come together, sparks and laughter fly because tentacle Daddies make the best Daddies.

Author's Note:

This story was originally a novella included in the Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology and has been extended by 30k words in length.

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His Theo

“You’re so submissive, some lucky alien is just going to carry you off like ‘me Tarzan, you Jane.’”

Theo isn’t expecting much when he gets invited to make some new friends and possibly find himself a mate. He knows if he’s lucky, he’ll have a nice dinner and only come across as slightly awkward. But the one thing he isn’t counting on is meeting the Dom of his dreams right before hitting the floor.

When a cutie with confidence issues meets an adorably awkward Dom, they’ll learn that sometimes you have to find your mate to find yourself.

51k words

Author’s Note: You do not need to have read books two through four in this series to enjoy this one, but this book will make much more sense if you have at least read book one.

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