Team Perry or Team TC? – His to Use Coming Soon!

TC and Perry are back.

I know it’s taken me a while to come back to these guys but I’m so excited to tell you that their second book is almost ready. In His to Use, TC and Perry are starting to figure out their relationship, and I love seeing how they’ve started to explore what they mean to each other.

They’re both fabulous at justifying utter ridiculousness, and I’m not sure what it means when one of the most stressful points in the book is when they have to decide if Perry asked TC out on a date or not. I’ll let you decide whose idea it was.

Are you going to be Team Perry or Team TC?

I can’t vote because technically they live in my head, so you’ll have to do the honors.

If you haven’t read about these cuties yet, their first book was His to Dare and it’s here on my site and on Smashwords because these two naughty boys are brothers.

The third book (and what should be their final book) will be ready very shortly and I’m hoping to get it out in late April. So feel free to jump in the group and bug me to make sure I stay on track and get it done.

His to Use is going to be live on Friday, so if you haven’t already grabbed the first book then now is the time to explore the start of their relationship.

Here’s the first chapter if you’re curious.

His to Use by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover


Perry can’t decide if talking about what he wants is going to kill him or get him everything he’s ever desired. He’s leaning toward the whole situation giving him a heart attack as he tries to figure out how he feels about TC and having a Dom in general, but with the perfect Dom right in front of him all along, maybe death isn’t so inevitable?

TC can’t decide if giving his brother everything he’s ever fantasized about will finally make him happy…or give him a stroke from overthinking everything. It seems like it could go either way but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to back down…not even from the biggest question yet…are they ready for their first date?

Author’s Note: Story contains consensual incest, a sex sub in lingerie, a younger Dom, mild BDSM, and lots of dirty talk.

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  1. Kyaaa….sorry, wrong post…different news letter. Saw a comment and got all excited. When in the Fall would you be visiting Las Vegas??!! Do you think you would have free time for a Meet & Greet?? Keeping fingers and toes crossed….

    1. I’m going to be in Vegas for the week of the 6th of November. I don’t have everything finalized yet but I’ll probably fly in on the 5th. I would love to meet and hang out with anyone who wants to that week. It sounds like a lot of fun.

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