Snow Regrets is LIVE!

Snow Regrets is live!

When I first thought about how the book would look with it primarily being just about the two main characters, since they’re trapped because of a snowstorm, I wasn’t sure how it would go.

But it turns out when you trap two sweet characters together… one needing to fix things and the other needing love… they talk to each other and the sweet moments just seem to jump off the page. Blanket forts, bath times and cuddles… so much tenderness even though they’re both assuming it can’t last once the snow is gone.

Check out the first chapter here if you’re curious.

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Snow Regrets by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

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Joseph and Forest…The basic idea for the new Snowed In series of Valentine’s Inc books is about being snowed in with the last person you want to see. I knew right off the bat my characters hadn’t seen each other in years and there were some unresolved issues between them, but I wasn’t sure how their relationship would work.

Well, it turns out that Joseph is hiding a lot of hurt and frustration, and Forest is emotionally exhausted from spending the last few years with Doctors Without Borders. Forest is a Daddy that doesn’t have anyone who needs him, which is starting to eat away at him, and Joseph really doesn’t want to admit how badly he needs someone. He’s spent the last few years completely on his own and he isn’t sure he’s ready to let anyone back in.

They’re perfect for each other, but first, they have to get past the idea that once the snow disappears, they’ll go their own separate ways again. No matter what they’re telling themselves, they weren’t meant to have just a temporary relationship.

I can’t wait to see what you think. Check out the first chapter of Snow Regrets.

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Snow Regrets by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover