Brent & Calen

>My favorite stories have characters who are a little unique—people who love a little bit differently, kinks that are outside the box, strong subs who rule the roost, gender fluid characters, the twink Dom, the big bear who’s really a submissive. I have a lot of books coming up this fall and too many WIP to count right now, but they all have special characters I hope you’ll love.

Brent and Calen are two characters who don’t seem that unique on the surface, but things aren’t always as they appear. Brent’s a strong sub who knows what he wants. He loves submission, but he’s not going to kneel for just anyone. Calen’s not your typical Dom. He’s hiding something that makes him feel…different.

I can’t wait to see what you think. Take a look at the first chapter

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Bound and Controlled Brent by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Brent Chapter 1

Chapter 1


“What the hell, Calen? Are you drunk? It’s not even eight o’clock in the morning!” Garrett’s angry words echoed off the office walls as Calen walked in.

Why couldn’t Garrett have gotten in late? He had a new sub and a wonderful relationship. Surely there was something else he could have been doing this morning. But no, he had to be waiting right there at the front desk on the very morning when what Calen needed more than anything else was coffee and some space.

Melissa looked back and forth at the two men, then shook her head before focusing on her computer looking like she’d rather be anywhere else. The office was usually fairly calm. They all did their best to keep things businesslike and push their more aggressive tendencies to the side. Melissa seemed to understand this wasn’t going to be the most civil discussion.

Not that Calen felt like arguing this morning. He was tired. Fighting with Garrett was the last thing he wanted. Why couldn’t Garrett figure out that he simply needed to back off?

“I’m not drinking at breakfast!” Technically, that wasn’t a lie. He was still hungover from the night before but nowhere near the legal limit. He’d been too frustrated for moderation. The weekend had been a total fuck up. And his morning hadn’t started any better.

“We need to talk.” Garrett’s firm words had a final ring to them. Turning his back to Calen, Garrett almost marched back to his office, clearly expecting Calen to follow.

Why did he work for a Dom who was his best friend again?

Trying to remember that it usually seemed more like he was working with Garrett than for him, Calen sighed. He liked insurance. He liked knowing that he was making a difference. Guiding people to the right choices to help protect themselves felt right. He always thought it was the Dom in him wanting to make sure people were getting what they needed.

When Garrett’s father died, he’d been lost. Stepping in to help was instinctive. He’d been working in corporate sales for a large national finance company and while he’d been doing well monetarily, he’d hated how impersonal it was.

Garrett needed someone he could trust to help get the office organized. Calen needed to fix things, so it had been a perfect fit. Some people didn’t understand how he could work for Garrett. They’d seen it as a step back in his career and thought he was crazy for working for another Dom. It might not pay as much but the flexibility and family he’d gained more than made up for any occasional frustrations.

This was going to be one of those occasional frustrations.

Calen shook his head and winced as his brains rattled around in his head. He should have at least taken the time to grab some aspirin or something. “Can I grab a coffee first before you chew me out?”


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