Did Someone Say Side Characters? – Who’s Getting a Story Next

Did someone ask about a side character?

As some of you know, I’ve got a list on a whiteboard in my office that has side characters who need a story. Sometimes I look at the list and sigh because it’s a ridiculous amount and sometimes I look at the list and get an idea.

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten to check some of them off my list. Ben and Conner from the club got their origin story (Becoming the Owners). Gray who showed up in the Leashes & Lace side of things got his book in Daddy’s Little Artist. The baker’s son from the Bound & Controlled books got his story (The Gift of Strength which came out on the 19 th ).

But there are a lot more still on the list.

Did I mention it’s kind of long?

I’m slowly checking off a few more over the next few months, so I thought I’d tell you about a few of them.

-The cute waiter who served Emerson and his Owner in Owners & Dolls (Emerson called him a princess little) is getting get his book very soon. He’s a cutie and a bouncy handful when he’s not being stunned stupid. He’s gotten paired up with my Schwan man. Well, kind of my Schwan man. (Schwan is a food delivery company that brings things like ice cream and chicken nuggets right to your door.) My delivery guy is the sweetest total Daddy, so I gave him to the princess little because sharing is very important.

-The chatty neighbor who cheered on Brady in Save Me Santa is getting a duet. He finds Brady’s roommates fascinating, so I’m curious to see how that’s going to turn out. This should be coming out this summer as long as I don’t get too distracted.

-Something that’s going to be just around the corner is a friend of Melissa’s (The sister from The Accidental Master books) who thinks she’s a pain in the ass but she gave him some interesting advice and pushed him in a new direction. So he’s not really a side character but it’s been fun to see her pop up, and I think it means we’re going to see more of Jackson and his pups in this one.

-Other side characters who are coming later this year are Aubrey and Lincoln and possibly the twins from the omegaverse world, and after that, I have no idea. But I’m going to keep bugging you guys to see what you’d like to read and which side characters should come out to play next…mostly because I love seeing what you’re thinking about and it’s fun to drive everyone crazy.

At least I’m an honest tease?

I can’t wait to show you what’s coming up over the next few months.

SHARE IN THE COMMENTS: Which side character are you most looking forward to reading more about?

More Side Characters Begging For Attention

Sometimes side characters just slip right by you while you’re reading or writing, completely unnoticed, and other times they won’t get out of your head. A few of my favorite reoccurring characters started out life as side characters I thought would just quietly pass through a chapter and would never be seen again, like Dr. Sheppard who eventually got his own book (Rethinking Fate).

Every series has different side characters that stand out to me as clearly needing their own books, but I thought I’d share a few of my current favorites…and probably give some hints about what I have in mind for them for the future. Just because teasing is fun.

In my sexy and fun omega series, Romance & Revolutions, there’s this cute little cop who popped up randomly in book two. He’s all wide eyes and embarrassed curiosity and he’s just screaming for a big sexy Dom to take care of him. Of course, the issue with that is going to be that my cute little cop is an alpha and he’s not supposed to want another alpha to dominate him.

His book should be fun because I’ve been talking about him with a friend of mine and we’re both pretty sure he’s a very closeted little who wants a Daddy. This fall is packed with books and ideas already, but I’m hoping to start working on his book around Thanksgiving. Check out the R&R series if you haven’t had a chance because there are a lot of fun side characters in there who need a story.

While my cute cop doesn’t even have a name yet, some characters change their names on me. Leon, who shows up as Destin’s roommate in The Only Way to Dream, started out life as Leo, but I mistyped his name so many times I decided he was trying to make a point and let him be Leon.

He comes across as a bit grumpy and terribly vanilla, but he’s got a few secrets hiding away and I can’t wait to show you his book. It just might be another age play story, and I’ve already got the first few chapters written. I’ll give you a peek at his love interest later this week once I’ve gotten a bit further in the book.

Share in the comments: What side characters would you like to know more about? I love hearing which cuties have caught readers’ attention, and it helps me plan out what I want to work on for the future.

(ps: The audiobook for The Only Way to Love just went live. Check it out here for US and here for UK.)