Looking For YOUR Input

I have a favor to ask.

When I was in college (a thousand years ago at this point), I was a business major. Yep, not so helpful when it comes to creative writing or knowing where commas go (those rules seem to change every time I turn around), but it’s helpful in other areas. It makes some of the backend part of being an author easier…but it does make me curious.

I want to know about you.

Knowing what kinds of stories you like or what you want in general makes it easier for me to decide how to steer the people in my head. Some are louder than others, but if I know what you want, I know who to poke.

More incest?

More MMM stories?

What about a MMM with a Dom, a pup, and a little?

My to-be-written list feels like it’s a thousand pages long and it would make my life so much easier if you would take this survey for me and just tell me what you’re thinking.

You can also enter to win a giveaway if you take the survey (because treats are always fun).

Thank you and I appreciate you taking a few minutes to help me.

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