More from Wright the Alien Daddy – Pre-Order My Little Human + Patreon Special!

Alien Daddies are so much fun to write. I love when they worry about curious things and when they see the world differently.

So when you guys started asking if Dane and Wright from the Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology would be getting a longer story, I couldn’t resist poking at them and seeing what they were up to. A lot.

Some are silly things like buying furniture (that was an odd adventure) and some fun things like going back to the pizza place from the previous books. But my favorite parts are how sweet they are together and how Wright just throws himself into being a Daddy.

So My Little Human (the extended version of Tentacle Daddy from the anthology) is now up on preorder and will be released on September 29th . But…this month I have something fun going on over on Patreon to share with you.

A freebie for everyone no matter which tier you sign up for.

Just with the way things turned out (and my questionable scheduling) I have several fun bonuses and releases coming up this month. So I decided that I’m going to give everyone who is a member of my Patreon an ebook copy of My Little Human and a coloring page as another fun freebie for this release.

It’s going to be for any tier this month, but the higher tiers do have other bonus chapters and exclusive content that’s just available on Patreon for now.

So if you don’t want to wait for the end of the month to read more about Wright and Dane, or if you want their coloring page, come check out Patreon. It will be available to download until the 28th (because it will be in KU) but the coloring page will stay up.

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My Little Human by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Weirdest munch ever.

Dane isn’t expecting much from the mostly straight munch he’s somehow ended up at. As awkward encounters turn into a boring meet-and-greet, he’s ready to escape when the most interesting Daddy in the room sets eyes and tentacles on him.

When an earnest new Daddy and a slightly confused little come together, sparks and laughter fly because tentacle Daddies make the best Daddies.

Story Contains: Two men (one human and one alien), the best bathtub sea monster ever, a slightly overly cautious Daddy, and a little who’s starting to be concerned that Daddy will declare butter knives too dangerous for his sweet boy (aka mayo is slippery…oops).

This story was originally a novella included in the Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology and has been extended by 30k words in length.

Upcoming Pre-Orders Summer 2023

It feels like I’ve spent the last two weeks running in circles, but I’m slowly getting back on track. Part of that has included lots and lots of words and an even bigger part as been getting some new preorders up and ready to go. Planning seems to take more brain power than writing most of the time, but it’s worth it, and I’m glad I can finally share what’s going to be coming up.

To start with, Learning to Walk and Learning to Run are currently up on preorder. I’ll be telling you a LOT more about those cuties, but it’s an MMM duet with the two roommates from Save Me Santa and the downstairs neighbor who was so enthusiastic. They’re all adorable, but Brady’s roommates are curious creatures. I can’t wait for you to meet them.

Learning to Walk will go live on August 25th.
Learning to Run will go live on September

There will also be another preorder going up soon and that one involves a craft store owner, a worrier, and love at first sight. I wonder what that could be about, hmm? And I wonder how long that story will be when it comes out?

All your questions will be answered once I have a cover and a release plan…two of the hardest things to organize for a new release. (Insert dramatic sigh from Shaw here)

The Italian version of Bound With You (LEGATO DA TE) will be going up on preorder soon, and I’m so excited to show you this. I’m hoping to have this up in the next few days and it will have about a two-week preorder. If you speak Italian please please please contact me on Facebook or here through the site and let me know you’d like to become an Italian ARC reader. This is a self-published release (with the nicest translator) and any help you guys could give me with this would be much appreciated.

And last but not least, the next German translation will be up on preorder shortly as well. My wonderful translators were all incredibly hard at work this summer, and it’s keeping me busy too. The German version of Untouched will be up on preorder in the next week and will be live sometime in mid-August (I think). I can’t wait to show you guys how this one turned out, and I’m so thrilled that this series is finally in German.

Also, don’t forget I’ve got a secret that’s getting closer and closer to being able to show you, and I’m working on several bonus chapters and short freebies, so keep an eye out for those.

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The Shy Boy and the Newbie Daddy – Pre-Order Brave Now!

Charlie’s coming!

“Who’s Charlie?” should not be your first question because he’s the cutie from the omegaverse club playroom. I know you’ve read about those guys and how much fun the littles from the club are. Yep, no question there. You remember Charlie.

You also remember how shy he is and how he’s a little bit dramatic when it comes to getting attention over things like booboos. You also remember how sweet he was when he started getting to know Gideon (another little at the club that you remember…from Bashful).

Well, a new Dom has come to the playroom to meet the littles and he’s very curious about the nervous sub who has very firm views on coloring. Ansel hasn’t been a Daddy before and hadn’t even thought about it being an option until he sees Gideon and Jarrett together around the club. Once Jarrett starts explaining about the littles and age play, well, Ansel is very curious.

I can’t wait for you guys to meet these two and for you to see how cute Charlie is. Brave is now up on preorder and will release on July 14th.

If you haven’t read about the omegas before I would suggest reading Bashful first at the very least. I’m trying to make this as standalone as possible but I think it would help everything to make the most sense.

Of course, the Romance & Revolution series (the main series of my omegaverse) is so much fun to read and those best friends get up to the most ridiculous things once alcohol is involved. So definitely check them out if you like best friends who are wonderful together and sexy Doms who think their subs are hilarious.

Brave will go live on July 14th but if you’re a member of my Patreon, the higher tiers get early access to unedited WIP (work-in-progress) chapters of the new books I’m working on.

Anyone can check out chapter 1 by clicking here.

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Brave by MA Innes  - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Charlie’s got a problem—well, two if you count his helpful and overly enthusiastic protector, Austin—but being painfully shy is the biggest one since most Daddies seem to feel being able to communicate is an important part of asking someone out. Who knew? But when panicking is his default response, most alphas don’t wait around long enough to see the naughty omega that’s hiding just under the surface.

Ansel’s got a problem. He has no idea how to be a Daddy or how to get to know the painfully shy cutie who’s dramatically adorable when it comes to boo-boos. Unfortunately, wide eyes and a firm belief about which crayons are best aren’t enough to build a relationship…or let Ansel know if the sweet sub considers him Daddy material.

When a new Daddy and a shy little meet, it will take patience and a nosy protector to help a sweet sub find the confidence to come out of his shell.

The Princess Little & His Schwan’s Daddy – Pre-Order Dirty Daddies Pride 2023 Anthology Now!

The Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology for 2023 is up on preorder, and I’m so excited that I finally get to talk to you about my story for the anthology.

If you’re in the Facebook group, you might’ve seen me talking about my Schwan man. Schwan’s is a food delivery company that brings around ice cream and prepared meals in what looks like an ice cream truck. My Schwan man is such a cutie and the sweetest Daddy kind of guy, so he had to get a story…and he had to get the cutest little ever.

So I gave him Addison.

Addison is the “princess little” who was Emerson’s waiter in Owners& Dolls. When he’s not stunned stupid, he’s delightful and sparkly and funny…and he’s head over heels for his Schwan man.

Tate is a sweet Daddy kind of guy who doesn’t know he’s a natural Daddy until Addison starts word-vomiting all over the place when he tries to ask Tate out on a date.

Addison’s asking doesn’t go quite as planned but Tate thinks he’s delightful and would love to date the sweet cutie…once he figures out what Addison means when he calls himself a little and says he’s looking for a Daddy.

But Google comes to the rescue because you can figure out anything online…and I just love that Tate jumps head-first into figuring out what Addison needs.

I can’t wait to show you my Schwan man and his cute sunshine.

Tate, Addison, and the rest of the cuties in the anthology will be live on June 30th.

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Dirty Daddies Pride 2023Blurb:

These Daddies take Pride in being dirtier than ever.

Love has no limits or restrictions in this collection of stories from some of the hottest authors in the Daddy genre.
No matter how these Daddies or their little ones identify, they’ll find their happily ever afters inside these pages.

And you’ll need a dip in the pool to cool off after reading this smoking hot anthology!

An Asexual Dom and A Sensitive Sub – Pre-Order An Atypical Love Now!

Are you ready to see what’s coming up? An Asexual Love has some unique cuties who’ve struggled to meet Mr. Right. Rohan’s a drama magnet, so some of it might actually be his fault for being attracted to crazy, but Dayton just made some of the Doms nervous and he’s only outgoing when someone makes him frustrated (like Conner).

So their dating lives have been…let’s call it suboptimal, but don’t worry, a friend has stepped in to help. Conner’s matchmaking strikes again.

His logic is sometimes questionable but there are definitely sparks when Rohan and Dayton meet…they just have to work through a few things first. Like the fact that Rohan is asexual and Dayton has a nerve condition that makes him very sensitive to pain.

This is BDSM with sounds, restraints, and some sensation play. Rohan sees finding ways to please Dayton as a bit of a challenge and he’s definitely up to meeting that challenge. He also feels bad that the cutie has struggled to find a Dom who won’t worry too much. On the other hand, Dayton thinks Rohan’s limits are perfect and he loves the Dom’s wonderful imagination (and fabulous cuddling).

Rohan is also friends with Melissa (Jackson’s sister from The Accidental Master series), so we’re going to get a peek at what those guys are up to as well. But if you haven’t read about the pups from The Accidental Master series (why not they’re so cute?) don’t worry.

An Atypical Love is a complete standalone even though there are some fun cameos and it is now available on pre-order with a release day of June 16th.

Click here to check out the first section of the book.

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An Atypical Love by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Rohan can’t quite decide if letting his friend Conner play matchmaker is the smartest thing he’s ever done or the stupidest. As an asexual Dom who’s never quite found Mr. Right, after a string of misses, even he’s starting to admit it might be time to let the crazy owner of Bound & Controlled steer the show.

Dayton knows he shouldn’t trust Conner when he has that look on his face, but when the wicked sub promises him Mr. Right, common sense goes right out the window. But with most Doms at the club
being too scared of hurting him to let him submit, he’s crossing his fingers and hoping that love and domination are finally in the air.

Sometimes finding Mr. Right is easy and sometimes he’s wrapped in an unconventional package…but love will always find a way.

Making Each Other Stronger – The Gift of Strength Now Available

Have you ever met people who just make you stronger? Maybe they make you more confident or more at peace with yourself…just happier?

I know a few people like that. I have an author friend who just makes me laugh. She makes me smile and feel so good about myself whenever we talk. She’s so funny and makes me feel like I’m the best author ever and like I pick the best vacations ever.

In my everyday boring world, I know a woman who I wouldn’t even call a friend because I only see her once or twice a year when I run into her somewhere weird at the oddest time. But she’s got this air that makes me feel centered and relaxed. It was honestly weird the first time I met her.

I think that’s how our baker’s son feels when he sees Payton for the first time, weird and curious and happy…and all mixed up. The shy, sweetly awkward man who trips over nothing has made his life more alive than it’s been in a long time, and by the time we meet them, our cute baker’s son is tired of letting life just go by. They’re so cute together and so passionate, and they make each other stronger.

I can’t wait to see what you think of these two.

Don’t forget, The Gift of Strength has lots of praise kink, a dash of puppy play, and a lot of love.

Click here to check out chapter 1.

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The Gift of Strength by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Payton’s finally found a job that he loves, coworkers who aren’t bad-crazy, and space from his family…so taking a chance on anything that might mess with his newfound order is out of the question.

Keeping the status quo going is his primary goal in life and not even the handsome baker with the crazy family is going to change his mind. Well, hopefully, because the baker down the street is sweet, built, and naughtier than Payton could ever imagine.

Benjamin Xavier Becker—aka the baker’s son—realized young that the only way to keep his sanity was to set firm boundaries with his family and not tell them anything about his personal life.

Everything from the name he actually prefers to his passion for being a Handler is off-limits to his crazy parents, but he’s come to realize he should’ve set the bar higher. Sanity isn’t enough any longer. He’s just not sure how to change that until a cautious man with a blush on his cheeks and a wag in his step comes into his life and gives him the push he’s been waiting for.

Sometimes strength comes from within and sometimes it comes from the most unexpected places.