Bryce, Oliver, and Troy…I was unsure how the book would look when I started writing it. I had a few specific things in my mind that needed to be included, but a lot of the story was vague so I took a step back. I decided I needed to see how everything started for them before I could write anything else. So I began playing with the club scene where the three men took the steps that changed their relationship.

Writing the prequel was fun, and it helped me see who the characters were. Exploring the dynamics in a relationship with three people was interesting, and I know they won’t be my only ménage book. When I’d originally started planning Bryce’s book, I’d pictured starting the story in a completely different place. The guys had other ideas, though, so they got their way.

I can’t wait to see what you think. The book will be out this Sunday, September 17, 2017, and will be on sale for $0.99 the first couple of days. Take a look at the first chapter

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Bound and Controlled Bryce by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Bound and Controlled : Bryce Chapter 1

Chapter 1


He knew he should stay away, but he couldn’t. Something about the couple had called to him from the first moment he’d seen them. He’d tried to leave them alone and find someone else that attracted him, but it wasn’t possible.

Watching as Troy carefully wrapped a still-shaking Oliver in a soft blanket, he told his feet they needed to walk away from the intimate moment in front of him, but the traitors kept taking him closer. Inch by inch he worked his way toward the darkness.

The sounding scene had been for the audience at Bound & Controlled as well as the men, but now that it was over, the aftercare was only for the two of them. It was intimate, private. Every rule and piece of etiquette he’d ever learned screamed at him that he needed to leave them alone and give them their space, but something kept him orbiting their private world.

Bound & Controlled was a gay BDSM club that was open and accepting, but there were rules and boundaries. Bryce knew he should find someplace else to be, but it was impossible. It didn’t matter that he was supposed to let them have their space after a scene. Bryce couldn’t leave them. He’d managed to walk away in the past, but it was quickly becoming impossible.

He had to seem like an idiot, or worse, some kind of weird stalker. They were just so perfect together. The passion and the emotion, it was incredible. He loved watching them, but standing outside looking in wasn’t satisfying him any longer.

Troy’s firm voice echoed from the dark corner where the two men sat at the L-shaped sofa, startling Bryce. Even in the low light, he could picture the tall, blond Dom, built more like a Norse god than a mere mortal. “Come sit next to him. He’s still flying, but he’ll want to see you when he comes down.”

His heart stopped.

He felt like he was standing right on the edge of an entirely different universe, and he didn’t know if he could do it. The two warring sides inside of him were finally both on the same page. They didn’t care if they got to dominate Oliver or submit to Troy, they simply wanted to curl up on the couch and hold them both. His brain, on the other hand, kept shouting to walk away.

It was confusing.

A relationship where he was the Dom and sub couldn’t work.

They wouldn’t want him for more than a scene or two, anyway.

His brain was adamant; luckily, his feet listened to lower parts of his body. He took the first step closer and didn’t even realize he was going to say something until the words were already out. “He will?”

It wasn’t much, but Troy didn’t seem to mind. His stern voice warmed a few degrees, sending pleasure through Bryce. “You know he will. Come sit down.” His voice dropped low and heat threaded through it. “Don’t make me tell you again.”

His inner sub rolled over and squirmed for attention. Bryce felt his skin flush and his heart rate increase. It’d been so long since someone really understood what he needed. Would they be able to see who he was and grasp that he was both a Dom and a sub at heart?

Was he willing to take the chance?


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What’s coming up and a fun surprise…

Life has been so hectic for the past month I almost don’t know what to do now that it’s starting to settle down. The move went great. Although there have been some fun issues with the new house (we really need a sarcasm font lol). School starts for my little monsters on Monday and we are all ready for that and my writing is back on track. Mostly.

I have so many ideas floating around in my head right now that it’s hard to stay focused. I’m doing pretty good though. Bryce’s book is well on its way to being completed. The fourth book for Bryan and Maddox is done and editing will start on that shortly. The naughty grocery store boys (whose book still doesn’t have a name lol) is done. Although I’m not sure where their story will lead. It’s short right now, but I think they may get more later.

North Carolina has also been VERY good on the plot bunnies. From the beaches to restaurants, I’m finding wonderful inspiration. I can’t wait to show you my other ideas and finish off a few more half done projects that got started before the move. Remember Nathan’s friend from Flawed Perfection? Well, his book is about half done and I still can’t wait to get back to the idea about the Dom with two pups. So many stories and not enough time.

One surprise I have finished though is a short prequel to the Bound & Controlled series. I had so many people asking about the last club visit that started it all, I had to write it. The prequel is from Ben and Conner’s perspective (the club owners if you remember) and it shows you the night things changed for Brent and Calen and when Bryce started off his journey with Oliver and Troy. I can’t wait to see what you think.

The short story is on Instafreebie, but for the next couple of days, you don’t have to sign up for the newsletter to get the book (as a thank you to you guys). Ben and Conner are so funny. I hope you enjoy getting to know them more.

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The Owners by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Garret Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Furniture? He wants a small business policy for custom furniture?”


He couldn’t picture the bouncy guy being focused enough to have a business, much less one that made custom furniture. Maybe that was just his perception of him, but it wasn’t completely baseless. From what Garrett had seen, Wyatt was polite and perpetually cheerful but forgetful and constantly in motion. The two opposing pictures didn’t mesh.

“You’re sure?” He should have known better than to ask.

“How often am I wrong?” Calen gave him a look that spoke volumes. Bossy Dom. He should have known better than to have hired another Dom as an office manager. But when his closest friends were all in the scene he didn’t have much of a choice.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. Send him in, thanks.” Garrett tried to remember anything else he knew about him as Wyatt came in. Usually before he met with an insured, he reviewed their policies and had everything organized. This was very last-minute which was not his preferred method.

Wyatt Matthews had been with them since he moved to Richmond about a year ago. Garrett thought he’d moved from somewhere up north but he wasn’t positive. Most of the time, Wyatt dealt with Calen or Melissa, the front office assistant. He came in more than just about any other insured.

Some of those visits made sense.

He came in about once a month to pay his auto insurance, sometimes more if another policy was due. Then a week or two later, he’d come in with a question on one of his policies. Garrett had only gotten the questions a couple of times. It was like Wyatt did nothing but read the fine print in his policies.

If he hadn’t been so damned earnest…and sweet, Garrett would have thought the guy was up to something. Nobody wanted to talk to their insurance company that often. Hell, he was an agent, and he didn’t even look at his own policies that often. The guy was too nice to be up to something.

Garrett looked up from where he’d been making notes when someone cleared their throat at his door. Damn the kid was cute. No, not kid or boy or anything else like it. Wyatt was a customer and Garrett didn’t want him to think he didn’t respect him.

It wouldn’t matter that Garrett didn’t mean any offense. The sexy bo—insured, was young but not too young. He looked so innocent and he was almost ten years younger than Garrett. Something about the combination brought out the Dom in him.

He looked so adorable. The way he’d peek at Garrett, when he thought no one was watching, called to Garrett. However, not enough to take the risk of alienating or offending an insured. It was getting close, though. Heaven help them both if he came in many more times this month.

Garrett always needed time to talk himself out of saying anything inappropriate and Wyatt had already been in there on Monday. It was only Friday, of the same week, it was too soon to test his control. No Dom was perfect, especially when a body like that was wrapped around such a delightful personality.

“Hello, Mr. Matthews, come on in. Calen said you need a business policy.”

“Hi. Call me Wyatt, please.”

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Bound & Controlled…Garrett

The guys in the Bound & Controlled series are four brothers who are all involved in BDSM in some way. We get to see the brothers falling in love, stumbling through new relationships. The first brother you’re going to meet is Garrett. You’re going to find that he’s not the most observant man when it comes to figuring out if someone is interested in him.

The book comes out next week on June 15th and I can’t wait to introduce you to their family. And if you pay attention when you’re reading the series, you might also get to know some people that will pop up in other books down the line.

Curious? Here’s the first chapter…

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Bound and Controlled Garrett by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover