Unvollkommene Perfektion – Nathan and Gabriel Now Available in German!

Flawed Perfection…I love these guys. Nathan was so much fun to write from the very beginning. I knew when I began looking at getting my own translations that I would start with them first. It was a long process to get it from idea to completion…very long…but I’m so excited to have Nathan and Gabriel’s story translated into German so more people can finally see how cute they are.

If you’ve just found me through my new translation, let me introduce you to Nathan and Gabriel. Nathan is a distracted cutie with a tendency to talk to himself. He’s adorable and completely confused about romance and love.

So in steps his roommate Gabriel.

He thinks Nathan is the cutest thing ever and he’s more than willing to help Nathan navigate romance and learning about puppy play.

This is a sweet romance with low angst and a lot of heart.

Check out the first chapter here in German if you’re curious.

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Unvollkommene Perfektion MA Innes

Nathan wusste nicht, warum alle so besessen von Beziehungen und Romantik waren. Sicher, es fühlte sich wahrscheinlich gut an, aber er verstand einfach nicht, was es mit dem ganzen Getue auf sich hatte. Es hätte vielleicht geholfen, wenn er gewusst hätte, wonach er eigentlich gesucht hatte, aber bei so vielen verschiedenen Begriffen und Möglichkeiten war er einfach ratlos. Für alle anderen schien es so einfach zu sein zu finden, was sie brauchten, aber für ihn fühlte es sich immer so an, als ob etwas in seinem Leben fehlte.

Gabriel fand, dass Nathan absolut perfekt war. Er war süß, lustig, attraktiv und völlig unschlüssig, was er eigentlich wollte – aber absolut perfekt. Er wollte Nathan helfen, aber würde sein heißer Mitbewohner offen für etwas sein, das gänzlich aus dem Rahmen fiel, oder würde er ihre Beziehung zunichtemachen, bevor sie überhaupt richtig begonnen hatte?

Ein Haus und zwei Männer, die einfach Mitbewohner sind. Oder?

Da braucht es nur einen Zufall auf einer Couch, um beide näher an die Erfüllung ihrer Wünsche und Träume zu bringen …


Want a peak at what’s coming out next in German? Check out this new page on my site for info on all German Translations.


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Unvollkommene Perfektion… Ich liebe diese Jungs. Es hat von Anfang an so viel Spaß gemacht, Nathan zu schreiben. Als ich anfing, mich mit meinen eigenen Übersetzungen zu beschäftigen, wusste ich, dass ich zuerst mit ihnen anfangen würde. Es war ein langer Prozess von der Idee bis zur Fertigstellung… sehr lang… aber ich freue mich so sehr, Nathans und Gabriels Geschichte übersetzt zu haben, damit endlich mehr Leute sehen können, wie süß die beiden sind.

Wenn ihr mich erst durch meine neue Übersetzung gefunden habt, möchte ich euch Nathan und Gabriel vorstellen. Nathan ist ein zerstreuter süßer Kerl, der dazu neigt, mit sich selbst zu reden. Er ist liebenswert und völlig verwirrt, was Romantik und Liebe angeht.

Da kommt sein Mitbewohner Gabriel ins Spiel.

Er denkt, dass Nathan das süßeste Ding aller Zeiten ist und er ist mehr als bereit, Nathan zu helfen, sich in der Liebe zurechtzufinden und etwas über das Welpenspiel zu lernen.

Dies ist eine süße Romanze mit wenig Angst und viel Herz. Schau dir das erste Kapitel an, wenn du neugierig bist.

Christmas is finally here…Well the book at least

The Christmas book is here. I had such a good time writing it, but it was so difficult to choose which couples to include. I wanted to go back and play with all of them. In the end, some couples spoke louder than others, so they got a spot this year.


Nathan and Gabriel were very loud, Gabriel had several things he wanted to do and wasn’t going to let me put him off. Nathan got a fun new toy for Christmas that they get to play with and then he gets a surprise gift that’s sweet and was so much fun to write.


Tim and Cade were also loud. They were my first age play couple. When I first started writing age play, I had no idea anyone else would want to read it, but the idea was so clear in my head and the characters so chatty that it had to get written. So I thought it was finally time to go back and revisit my first couple. I hope you’re as excited to see them again as I was to write them.


I’m not going to post a full chapter on the site this time, but here’s a little taste of Nathan because he’s just so much fun.


A hand gave my cock a little smack that sent shock waves of the most incredible sensation flooding through me. “Master!” If that was supposed to have been a punishment, it backfired. It was even better than when he spanked me. And I’d thought that was one of the best feelings ever.

Gabriel chuckled wickedly then did it again. Not hard but it rolled around inside me doing crazy things to almost every nerve in my body. “My pup likes that.”

Was it a question?

He kept going, so I probably didn’t have to answer. “If you like that, then there are all kinds of fun things I can show you.”

Fun seemed to translate to naughty and sexy, which had my mind racing. I had more things to research later. Much later. When Master stopped making me insane. His grip tightened and his thumb went back to the head of my dick, pressing even harder than he had previously. “Oh God, Master!”

“My little pup likes pain more than I thought.” Then he did it again and took the breath out of my lungs.

I arched up, shaking, and everything seemed to get hazy. It was—

“Breathe, Pup.” Master’s harsh words as he let up off my cock had air rushing into me. “That’s better, but oh yes, we’re coming back to this.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I wasn’t sure what I was thanking him for, but every part of me wanted to curl up next to him and beg him to do it again.

“Oh, my pup.” He leaned in and gave me a sweet kiss that was at odds with the dirty things that were racing through my mind.

He pulled back and looked down at my erection. “I think you’re ready.” He moved his hand up to grip the base and held me tight. It felt incredible, but watching him wrap the ring around me was even better.

I loved the snug fit and the way it made my cock stick out obscenely. So did Gabriel.

“Oh, I would love to have you like this all the time, Pup.” Arousal had his voice thick. His hot gaze made me squirm.

“Please.” I whimpered, fighting to behave. I was losing the battle.


I can’t wait to show you what they’ve all been up to.

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