A New Secret Santa is On His Way! – Pre-Order The Christmas Mac-n-Cheese Mystery Now!

The Secret Santa Daddy series is back for a third year. (Check out Year 1: Best Present Ever? and Year 2: Save Me Santa)

I’ve had so much fun with these books, and I love all the ridiculousness that can happen with Secret Santa’s and around the holidays in general.

The Christmas Mac-n-Cheese Mystery continues the fun tradition of the Secret Santa Daddy books, and if you’ve been in my Facebook group, you’ve been helping me with all kinds of fun mac-n-cheese ideas to put in the book.

Yep, lots of mac-n-cheese.

Ruslan is the faculty advisor for the Mac-n-Cheese Club at the most interesting university around and he’s caught the attention of a younger Daddy who can’t wait to indulge the cute little’s passion for mac-n-cheese.

I know. It sounds silly, but they’re cute and I can’t wait for you to meet these two. This has a younger Daddy, an older sub, and lots of yummy dinners.

The Christmas Mac-n-Cheese Mystery is on preorder now and will go live on November 3rd.

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The Christmas Mac n Cheese Mystery by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Ruslan knows that the best student organization on campus is the Mac-n-Cheese Club…and that’s not just because he’s the professor in charge of it. He’s also a little and an expert in mac-n-cheese. But as the holidays approach, he’s found another reason to love the club…his new Secret Santa.

Dante knows that the best student organization on campus is the Mac-n-Cheese Club because it’s led him to the most adorable little ever…and the most clueless. So when flirting isn’t helpful in the slightest, he knows it’s time to bring in the heavy hitter…Santa.

When a rigged game of Secret Santa helps a little open his eyes, it’ll take mac-n-cheese and a little romance to bring a stubborn cutie out of his shell.

Warning: This story has so much mac-n-cheese in it you probably should stock up before reading it.

Are You Team Christmas? Secret Santa Series Season 1 on Sale 10/21-10/23!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the newest Secret Santa Daddies series, we’ve put the original books on sale this weekend.

From 10/21 to 10/23 all three books in the main series will be on sale for $0.99 each in the US and UK.

My book from the first series is Best Present Ever? and it’s about, Sidney, a cute sub who gets a present from his office Secret Santa that makes it clear Santa knows about his little side.

This is a great way to start the season of Santa, snow, and presents…and since I’m Team Christmas instead of Team Halloween, I think it’s never too early to read about Santa bringing presents.

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Secret Santa Daddies on Sale

A Binkie and An Oversized Baby Bottle – Best Present Ever? Now Available!

When I was asked to be part of the Secret Santa Daddy series of standalones, my first reaction was to wince because gift exchanges always go terribly. I loved the idea, but I immediately saw Sidney in my mind and shook my head. It was easy to see that he wasn’t looking forward to this year’s office Secret Santa gift exchange, so I had to know why.

Once I started poking at him and figuring out what was going on in his mind, I had to laugh. Last year’s went terribly. Picture opening a box filled with candied penises when you’re the only out gay man at the company. It went about how you’re expecting.

But after last year he should’ve realized it couldn’t get worse…and thankfully that would be right.

This year everything is changing, and Sidney not only gets a very interesting gift from his Secret Santa, he’s also going to see that the man of his dreams has been right under his nose.
I can’t wait for you to meet these guys. Best Present Ever? is out today, and I hope you enjoy Sidney and Ross as they explore age play and a new relationship.

Check out the first chapter here if you’re curious.

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Best Present Ever? by MA Innes- Gay Romance Holiday Novella Cover