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Casey is finally here! Check out book four in the sexy Leashes & Lace series. Preston’s been obsessed over the shy Casey for almost a year and it’s time for him to finally step up and see if the shy cutie is interested in being more than just friends.

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Casey by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Casey… Leashes and Lace Book 4

I can’t believe it’s less than a week until Casey is finally out. Friday can’t come soon enough. As shy as he is, he really works at making sure Preston knows what he wants, even when it’s hard. Of course, his friend Lane and the always helpful Eli are looking to make sure Casey gets his happily ever after.

One of the hard parts about writing this book was the time delay between when Preston and Casey first met and when they actually started dating. To give you an idea about what Casey went through during that time, I’ve included entries from Casey’s personal blog that works almost like a diary for him.

The blog entries give you a peek into how he’s grown since first meeting the guys at Leashes & Lace. The posts let you see how he grew and changed during that missing time. Here’s a look at the first blog post in the book and a link to the first chapter. Have fun meeting Casey.


I know I don’t tell you guys a lot about my job; being an accountant is boring most of the time. Some of you will remember that the company I work for makes lingerie. What I might have glossed over was that one of the lines they make is lingerie for men. Well, we went to visit one of the companies this week that sells our brand and it was…I can’t even think of the word.

When I started this blog, it was just to have a place to talk things through and figure out who I was. I thought I’d finally gotten a handle on what I wanted. I’ve admitted to you guys I’m submissive, and I’ve even talked about some of the things I’m curious about, but man…today was…mind-blowing.

The guys were wearing panties.

I mean, I’m not stupid. I realize that’s a thing, but it was the first time I’ve seen men who looked like that…they were beautiful.

Let me go back—because I think I’m jumping around. When we went to the other company, they were nice and gave us a tour. Part of the tour was seeing a photo shoot with the lingerie my company makes. Seeing the men dressed in so little and just wandering around the room was…I probably looked like I was in an old cartoon with my eyes bugging out of my head, but I couldn’t help myself.

They were so confident and incredible. The models seemed to come in all shapes and sizes, from big buff guys in sexy panties to little twink guys like me in see-through nightgowns. I can’t believe I’m going to write this, but I’m curious…you guys didn’t think it was weird when I talked to you about the spanking stuff, but is this…what do you think? 

Eleven months until first date

Casey by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover
Casey knows what he wants; he’s just not always sure how to go about getting it. He knows he’ll never get Preston, the sexy man who runs Leashes & Lace, to notice him unless he’s ready to open up and step out of his comfort zone. But can he really tell the confident, sweet man that what he wants most of all is a master?

Preston knows that what he wants might be startling for the shy man he’s starting to fall for, but after a year of dancing around their attraction to one another, he knows it’s time to take things to the next level. But will Preston’s wide-eyed accountant be able to accept that Preston isn’t as vanilla as he might appear?

When shyness and secrets stand between two men who are perfect for one another, it might take friends near and far to give them the push they need.

Story Contains: M/m sexual content, mild BDSM, gender-fluid dressing, and two accidentally inebriated subs who lose their filters

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Casey Bonus Chapter

Bonus Chapter

Casey: Leashes & Lace, Book 4


The Puppy Play Photo Shoot

As Tyler smiled over the utter chaos, I knew he’d been the perfect choice to run the shoot. I tried to imagine Roman wading through the pups dashing around on the floor chasing balls, and I had to swallow a laugh. He’d have been miserable, but Tyler looked perfectly at home, despite the fact that he was new to Leashes and Lace as a photographer.

Organizing the shoot hadn’t been as difficult as I’d expected, but I still wasn’t sure how it would all come together. With such a mix of personalities, I knew the pictures would either be perfect or end up looking awkward and pieced together.

Making sure we’d added extra time to the schedule to let them get comfortable together had been a good idea.

“They look so cute,” Eli said with a happy sigh, smiling as he surveyed the pups in the room.

“Yes, but we’ve got a few very nervous models still.” Some of the pups had already met at different functions, and their excitement was almost contagious. However, there were a few who were still close to their handlers’ side, quietly watching as the other pups raced around.

It was designed to be a more candid shoot, so we weren’t looking for stylish perfection. Pups were fun and full of life, and I wanted every picture infused with their excitement and energy. Getting them all into the right frame of mind before we started the more structured portion of the shoot would be key, however.

We watched as Tyler knelt down and rolled a ball to one of the pups still on the sidelines. The handler smiled encouragingly as the pup looked up and gave a low bark. When the handler leaned down and reached for the ball, the pup’s excitement started to build.

Whatever words the handler said were too low for us to hear, but the pup sat up and I could see his tail starting to wag. When the man tossed the ball back over to Tyler, the pup barked again, his head swinging back and forth between the two men.

Tyler’s smile widened as he held it for a long, teasing moment before rolling it back to the handler, clearly trying to tempt the pup. It was too much for the pup to resist. As the ball tumbled past him on the floor, he hopped on it, barking frantically like he’d caught the world’s best toy and it was all his.

The man laughed and leaned closer to run his hand down the pup’s back before bringing it up to caress over the masked muzzle. The pup’s whole body wiggled and squirmed in pleasure as his tail swung back and forth.

Each of the pups were dressed differently, depending on their comfort level, and this one had tiny black shorts under a harness that secured his simple black tail in place. Special gloves gave him the look of paws, and knee pads made it easy to dash around on the floor, but the mask really brought it all together.

The pup’s mask was neoprene, so it was soft and breathable, but the colors and features really brought out the uniqueness of each pup. It was always interesting to see which ones they’d picked to represent that side of themselves.

It’d taken some time to figure out how to handle the puppy gear side of Leashes and Lace. But once we’d realized they needed more autonomy than the more traditional models did when it came to what they wore, it all came together.

Depending on what line we were advertising, the pups got a variety of things to choose from. We’d only had a few times where for some reason one of the masks or tails weren’t chosen, and that usually gave us a good indication it wouldn’t sell in the long run anyway. If the pups who modeled the gear weren’t interested in it, then a curious person who was browsing through the site would probably never be drawn to it.

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Bryce, Oliver, and Troy…I was unsure how the book would look when I started writing it. I had a few specific things in my mind that needed to be included, but a lot of the story was vague so I took a step back. I decided I needed to see how everything started for them before I could write anything else. So I began playing with the club scene where the three men took the steps that changed their relationship.

Writing the prequel was fun, and it helped me see who the characters were. Exploring the dynamics in a relationship with three people was interesting, and I know they won’t be my only ménage book. When I’d originally started planning Bryce’s book, I’d pictured starting the story in a completely different place. The guys had other ideas, though, so they got their way.

I can’t wait to see what you think. The book will be out this Sunday, September 17, 2017, and will be on sale for $0.99 the first couple of days. Take a look at the first chapter

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Bound and Controlled Bryce by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Bound and Controlled : Bryce Chapter 1

Chapter 1


He knew he should stay away, but he couldn’t. Something about the couple had called to him from the first moment he’d seen them. He’d tried to leave them alone and find someone else that attracted him, but it wasn’t possible.

Watching as Troy carefully wrapped a still-shaking Oliver in a soft blanket, he told his feet they needed to walk away from the intimate moment in front of him, but the traitors kept taking him closer. Inch by inch he worked his way toward the darkness.

The sounding scene had been for the audience at Bound & Controlled as well as the men, but now that it was over, the aftercare was only for the two of them. It was intimate, private. Every rule and piece of etiquette he’d ever learned screamed at him that he needed to leave them alone and give them their space, but something kept him orbiting their private world.

Bound & Controlled was a gay BDSM club that was open and accepting, but there were rules and boundaries. Bryce knew he should find someplace else to be, but it was impossible. It didn’t matter that he was supposed to let them have their space after a scene. Bryce couldn’t leave them. He’d managed to walk away in the past, but it was quickly becoming impossible.

He had to seem like an idiot, or worse, some kind of weird stalker. They were just so perfect together. The passion and the emotion, it was incredible. He loved watching them, but standing outside looking in wasn’t satisfying him any longer.

Troy’s firm voice echoed from the dark corner where the two men sat at the L-shaped sofa, startling Bryce. Even in the low light, he could picture the tall, blond Dom, built more like a Norse god than a mere mortal. “Come sit next to him. He’s still flying, but he’ll want to see you when he comes down.”

His heart stopped.

He felt like he was standing right on the edge of an entirely different universe, and he didn’t know if he could do it. The two warring sides inside of him were finally both on the same page. They didn’t care if they got to dominate Oliver or submit to Troy, they simply wanted to curl up on the couch and hold them both. His brain, on the other hand, kept shouting to walk away.

It was confusing.

A relationship where he was the Dom and sub couldn’t work.

They wouldn’t want him for more than a scene or two, anyway.

His brain was adamant; luckily, his feet listened to lower parts of his body. He took the first step closer and didn’t even realize he was going to say something until the words were already out. “He will?”

It wasn’t much, but Troy didn’t seem to mind. His stern voice warmed a few degrees, sending pleasure through Bryce. “You know he will. Come sit down.” His voice dropped low and heat threaded through it. “Don’t make me tell you again.”

His inner sub rolled over and squirmed for attention. Bryce felt his skin flush and his heart rate increase. It’d been so long since someone really understood what he needed. Would they be able to see who he was and grasp that he was both a Dom and a sub at heart?

Was he willing to take the chance?


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