Cuties N Kink New Merch! Aliens, Corsets, and More Glittery Peens

New Merch Day! This is nearly as much fun as when a new release comes out. I love looking at all the different options but they make me want to shop. This might be dangerous because there are only so many mugs an author needs, right?

Penis mug, anyone?
Cuties n Kink - Blue Glittery Penis - mug

Also available with a black background

Hmm, how about a sexy doll? Emerson is fabulous on everything and he loves being the center of attention, so there is no wrong answer about what to pick here. But I think the notebooks are going to be my favorite way to let Emerson show off in my office.

Cuties n Kink - Owners and Dolls Book Cover  - Tote Bag

And for the last round of new merch this week…my sweet aliens. I’m thinking either the hardcover journal or the tote bag. (Imagine me giggling here) I’m not sure I want to explain about the tentacles when I go to Walmart, though, but a book convention? That could be fun. Tentacles for GRL, anyone?

Cuties n Kink - Alien/Human Holding Hand Pin

Also available with a black background

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Comment below: Which design is your favorite from this week?

Updates For The Final Months of 2022

Wanna peek at what’s coming up?

I wish my answer was everything because I have so many ideas and characters poking at me that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But here’s a peek at what I know is coming up and what I want to have ready for you in the next few months.

On October 16th Emerson’s book will come out. Owners & Dolls is a standalone with a fun take on dollification. Emerson’s Owner designs fabulous clothing (right now it’s corsets) and dreams of having a fun mannequin to play with, and Emerson loves attention and to be taken care of. They’re perfect for each other. Emerson’s logic is slightly questionable sometimes, but they’re sweet and their sexy scenes are sooo steamy.

In early November, I’m going to have the German translation of Flawed Perfection done. I can’t wait to have more books in German, but it’s been a process getting the translations started.

On November 15th Save Me Santa will go live. It’s super cute and a lighthearted Christmas story with a Daddy who comes to the rescue of a little with a spider problem. This is total grumpy/sunshine and part of the Secret Santa Daddy series.

Sometime in November, the last audiobook in the Leashes & Lace series will come out, but I don’t have an exact date for that.

I’m going to be working on the last two books for TC and Perry. Their first book was His to Dare, and I’ve already started making notes and the editing for book two should start in November.

I’ve also got a lot of random notes made for more for Kevin and Jeremy. They’re always fun to write and they just make me smile. I love going back to them, but it seems like there was just never enough time to get anything done this year.

My oldest child started college in August and that was a crazy process. Most of the time I don’t mind being a single Mom, but sometimes it would be nice to have help. But we did it and my son loves the university he’s at and the classes he’s taking. He’s even got a huge room and a pretty good roommate. So I can’t complain and I’m so glad he’s happy.

But I’m hoping to have more time to write this year and to get a lot more released in 2023.

Wish me luck and feel free to jump into the Facebook group and let me know which characters or books you’d like to see next year.

Comment below and let me know what you are most excited about in the next few months!