The Dirty Daddies Are Back!

If you’ve read even just a few of my books, you know I love keeping characters and letting them pop up later. One of my favorite places to go back and visit is the Bound & Controlled club. The owners are so funny and I love seeing all the familiar faces.

So when I start thinking about writing a novella, I have a tendency to go back to the B&C club and see who’s hanging around. That’s how I met Arthur and Joseph. Ben and Conner have been playing matchmakers, but Joseph has a crazy work schedule. That means Arthur and Joseph have basically been pen pals as they’ve grown closer.

But at the start of the story, they’re finally getting ready to meet.

You get to see some of their emails in their story in the Dirty Daddies 2022 Anthology (my story is titled :Daddy Loves Confidence), but here’s the first one.

From: Arthur
RE: This is Conner’s fault.


I’m going to have to admit that I’ve started this email several times with everything from To Whom It May Concern to Dear Joseph, and it’s just gotten more graceless from there. First introductions should always be done in person so chemistry can, hopefully, override awkwardness. But since that isn’t the case here and Conner is insisting that I email you (because he couldn’t find a smoother Daddy at the moment?), I’ve given up figuring out how to start this without it sounding inelegant or overly professional.

My goal from here on out is overly professional in case you’re wondering.

Conner is going to have a heart attack, so let’s not tell him? I think this can be a private matter between the two of us since this is mostly an audition to see if we would work out as Daddy and boy.

You know, I’m really starting to question what you did to Conner to make him think I would be a good fit for you? Did you hide his favorite drink at the club? Convince Ben that Conner didn’t need a spanking?

Yes, clearly this awkwardness is what Conner intended, so I think you need to take a good look at your life and figure out where things went wrong. If you need help with that task, feel free to email me back and we’ll work on it together.


These two are so cute together, but the anthology has a lot of other wonderful stories to check out too. Have fun reading, and I hope you love meeting Arthur and Joseph.

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Dirty Daddies Anniversary Anthology September 2022

The Dirty Daddies Anthology is Now Available!

Harper and Bailey are finally live along with a ton of other great stories in the new Dirty Daddies Pride anthology. These two have been friends with benefits at the club for a while, but they can’t seem to move past that…primarily because Bailey’s got a secret.

He’s a little and Harper has no idea.

These two are smoking hot and Bailey is the cutest but most disorganized little ever. I can’t wait for you to meet them.
Have fun with my sweet guys and with all the books in the anthology.

Here’s a small teaser:

I’d never seen myself as a brat and I honestly liked rules and regulations. That was part of why I liked my job so much. But it was one of the reasons being a grown-up was so hard. When you were an adult, you could literally eat cake for breakfast and there was no one to stop you.

It was like living constantly in a state of anarchy.

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Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology 2021 Cover

Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology

The Dirty Daddies group is at it again and this time we’re putting out a Pride anthology. We’ve got 11 great stories about all kinds of LGBT Daddies.

A Leap of Faith (MM) by M.A. Innes
Dirty Hand (MM) by Nora Phoenix
Sculptures and Snuggles (MM) by Della Cain
Butcher’s Babygirl (trans FF) by Siobhan Smile
Van: Dr. Richards' Littles® #32 (MMF) by Pepper North
Dirty Deed (MM) by Gianni Holmes
Daddy, At Your Service (FF) by Eden Bradley
Daddy’s Rent Boy (MM) by Chara Croft
Slippery When Wet (MM) by Morticia Knight
Daddy Abroad (MM) by P.D. Carter
Secrets and Princess Dresses (MMF) by Jamie Merrick

The preorder is up and the Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology will go live on June 25. It’s only $4.99 which is an awesome deal for so many great authors.

My story, A Leap of Faith, is about two guys you saw briefly in the new series around the Bound &Controlled club. (Bound Series and Tender Control Series) I can’t wait to introduce you to Harper and Bailey.

I can’t wait to show you their book!

Here’s the blurb for A Leap of Faith.

Something’s coming between them, but Harper can’t even begin to guess what’s wrong with his relationship with Bailey. Well, their almost relationship. When their only interactions are during scenes at the Bound & Controlled club, Harper can’t help but wonder if he even has the right to ask why Bailey is pulling away.

Bailey’s got a secret, and it’s eating away at him and his relationship with his Dom-with-benefits Harper. It doesn’t matter how he feels about Harper or what he envisions for their future, because Harper’s made one thing clear: he doesn’t like littles.

When assumptions and crossed wires erode a relationship, it’ll take a leap of faith to fix what’s broken.

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Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology 2021 Cover

A Take Charge Daddy and a Free-Spirited Boy – Dirty Daddies 2020 Anthology

We all want to belong. Sometimes it’s little things that make us feel like we’re part of the club. In writing, one of the things that really made me feel like I belong was getting asked to do the Dirty Daddies anthology for this year. It probably sounds silly, but it’s basically other authors looking at you and saying that they like your work and they trust you to do the best you can when you participate.

But, man, writing shorter stories is soooo hard.

Like insanely frustrating.

Like it takes three times as long as it should to write because everyone in my head is long-winded.

Like they want to tell you what they bought at the grocery store kind of long-winded just because they want to chat.

So wrangling Loren and Gordon into a complete but not two-hundred-page story wasn’t easy, but the three of us managed it. Mostly Gordon, honestly. He’s the take-charge Daddy type who likes watching over Loren.

Loren is the smart, free-spirited type who doesn’t really want to grow up and Gordon loves that about him. Gordon just doesn’t understand what that might mean until a friend at work (someone by the name of Sawyer) starts talking to him about types of submission he’s never thought much about.

Something about Loren has sweet age play, a bit of BDSM, and some fun cameos. The anthology will go live on September 29th and is now on preorder at Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. The anthology is a mix of MF and MM stories and is available for $0.99, so it’s a fabulous deal.

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Dirty Daddies Anthology 2020 - Gay Romance Ebook Cover